Today we will tell you about nine teenagers who underwent the strangest plastic surgery.

Vinny Ohh At age 17, Vinny decided to become an asexual alien. He has already managed to undergo a number of operations, including lip augmentation with filler and a facelift.

Now that he is 22 years old, the young man has hundreds of procedures and in the future he plans to spend one hundred and fifty thousand to make his skin smooth and remove his nipples and navel. As Vinny himself says, I do not aspire to be an alien, but I want to become something between a man and a woman whose creature has no gender. I dreamed about this since the age of 17.

Louis Padron
Louis Padron, Prince of Plastic. Lives in Argentina. He is so obsessed with elves that he decided to become like them. When he was 14 years old, he began to whiten his skin and hair, and today he spends more than seven thousand dollars every month on special creams, dyes and sunscreen spf 100, so that his complexion always remains pale. In addition, Padron spent more than $ 45,000 on face surgery. He underwent liposuction, changed the shape of his nose, removed the hair on his body, and underwent surgery to change his eye color. Louis admits that the idea of ​​becoming an elf came to him as a child, when his classmates taunted him and teased him. Now the guy is engaged in trade in items for casplay and claims that his main goal is to look without a hollow ethereal graceful and gentle elf.

Taylor – this teenager girl underwent plastic surgery when she was only 13 years old. Her classmates teased her by her big nose, so Taylor decided to reduce it and asked her parents to pay for the operation. Surprisingly, they agreed with her.

Nozomi is very popular with guys who fan of comic book heroines, and she has fans not only in Japan, but also in neighboring countries – South Korea and Taiwan. Nozomi started her video blog about three years ago. Then she was still a normal girl and transformed into the heroine of a manga using eyeliner, pink lipstick and cute girl hairstyles. Despite the fact that Nozomi’s photos have been uploaded to the network a million times, while only 400 people have subscribed to it.

Jack Johnson This guy wants to look like former professional footballer David Beckham. He began to realize his dreams when he was a teenager, and today he is 21 years old. The Briton took a loan in the amount of 20 thousand pounds and this despite the fact that he is unemployed to do a few more surgeries. He had already undergone surgery to increase lips and cheeks with fillers, injections, tanning and lifting eyebrows, and also installed a gastric band to lose weight.

Unfortunately, his desire to lie down under the surgeon’s knife led him to thoughts of suicide. I tried to arrange my own life to look like David Beckham, but it’s like working full time and it’s not just what you think. I did not want to live, because I did not achieve my goal. The constant desire to look like David Beckham was slowly killing me, he said.

Gage Berger
Although Gage Berger is not a teenager, he is only six years old, but we could not help but mention him in our article because of our ears. He was often teased by children and called an elf. The boy was so worried about this that his parents decided to undergo surgery to reduce his ears.

Courtney Stodden Courtney didn’t look like teenagers. And now, after numerous operations, it looks like this:

At 16, she married Doug Hutchinson. And by that time, she had already undergone surgery for breast augmentation and lip augmentation.

Leahy Dany
Leahy Denis fell under the surgeon’s knife at age 15, after she was thrown by a guy. After the operation, the girl had big eyes, a narrow chin and a large chest. This standard of beauty is very much appreciated among Chinese women. Local media called her “The Beauty Girl Who Blinds.”

Sahartabar 19-year-old Sahartabar underwent 50 plastic surgeries and all in order to look like Angelina Jolie. The girl has a large number of fans on Instagram, while many people believe that there were no operations and that this is just a skillfully imposed makeup. Which of these operations hit you the most? Write your answers in the comments.

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