Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery – Boob Job, Nose, Lip Injections & Butt: Time to Think?

One of the models of fitness who really attracts by a beautiful face and impressive figure is Alexis Ren. She has really become a star in media with more than 11 million spectators on Instagram.

For the moment there are no many judgments concerning her plastic surgery usage. Nevertheless, it is just a question of time.If you happen to make a quick downloading on the model’s account, there is a possibility of looking through a great many of selfies and photos of her body shape which arrive here every day and week. Gradually, the users began to analyze before and after images.

Some gossips have arrived in the air dealing with possible creation of new boobs, lips, nose and butts.Frankly speaking, the fact of using help of plastic surgery doesn’t matter so much. In our modern world and age, in the state, like America that focuses on the conquering market, the modifications of the face and body are not surprising and rare.Also, before trying to discover about the true about certain parts of the body, it was very curious to study Alexis’s transformation in a complete form. If the plastic surgery had really taken place, many of us would like to see the degree of procedure performing. Then, to cut a long story short, we will compare some before and after photo, and not the only one, to try to reveal the truth.

Before & After Photos: what to reveal and conceal?

Just avoiding long stories and staring, we looked through some pictures of Alexis Ren with facial and body peculiarities subdivided into “old” and “new” ones. Such comparison will permit us to think over the possible kind of procedures to have been performed before her professional appearance like a model. Let’s consider most interesting questions concerning the model’s arrival on the photos in the category “now and then”.

Did Alexis Ren Have A Boob Job: seeing is believing!

Looking through the picture set made before a successful career, one can notice that the breasts of Alexis are not so prominent like shot during famous photo sessions. To be objective and frank, the early image demonstrate boobs visually smaller than the new picture variants. With a good degree of assurance it is possible to say that Alexis Ren has organizes some augmentation operation in order to add some “cup” volume.It is also not excluded that the celebrity adjusted implants instead of procedure dealing with fat grafting meaning collecting of the fat with its future transferring into the breasts. But it is just personal point of view.

Has Alexis Had Lip Injections: probability is strong!

Considering pictures before and after, there appear clear vision of a kind of “lip plumping”. Contemporary Alexis looks very sexy, with hair in a mess, optimal usage of cosmetics and the other details. Taking this into account, one can’t exclude the possibility of filling both of the lips. If it is really so, the result is optimal!

Did She Get A Nose Job? Maybe not!

Analyzing pictures of different periods,  it is hardly seen evident signs of nose modifications of the general contour. The bridge of the organ as well as the tip seem to be rather neutral in the images. Then, Alexis is unlikely to have completed some transformation of this part of the face called rhinoplasty surgery, or simply, nose job.

What About Her Butt: in any case – it’s impressive?

Undoubtedly, our model can boast of the body which drives you mad – a dream of any girls and their boy-friends. And the butts are among the most impressive parts of Alexis’ s body. The question is  if the modification of the butts has been really undertaken. Taking into consideration that firm buttock is not typical for such kind of girls, like Alexis Ren, then furthers proves are needed to reflect on possible butt changes.

Alexis Ren’s Beauty Transformation: main chronological points

Now it is not boring to follow the history in short on model’s transitions starting from the first victories of cyberspace. In this case we begin from 2012 – a year of putting first personal images on Instagram.

Year 2012

Before this time Alexis Ren was completely unknown. And the year given became very rich in online posts. It didn’t occur to anyone that 6 years after the girl would possess more than 11 million fans to follow her pictures of an attractive face and body. Speaking about the major focus of the star, these are butts, small waist and “tasty” breasts.

Year 2013

Our young celebrity was getting a good deal of recognition owing to her gifted body. Alexis’s admirers wanted to discover the secrets of the nutrition and daily duties. And not only. The major part of them were curious of particular usage of beauty wares, companies for skincare products and make-up items. Little by little Alexis became a “beauty queen” for many girls.

Year 2014

When our star celebrated her 18th birthday, the life turned to be unexpectedly cruel. Her mother, famous for advice in health nutrition died because of cancer. After Alexis started to suffer from problems of eating disorder, known later like “a toxic state of mind”. Fortunately, she started her relationships with another celebrity of social media – Jay Alvarrez, becoming a couple like from fairy-tale.Studying the pictures of that time, one can admit the absence of any prominent modifications. The concept of the body impresses by its natural beauty. The eyes, nose, jawline, chin seem to be real. In fact, our model was lucky to be born with augmented chin giving effect of a correlating implant.

Year 2015

This period presented us a set of “Beach Chic” where Alexis is an amazing blondie with golden colours and the scalp of darker palette. One can’t but pay attention to the smile of the girl with the teeth extremely nice and even. Looking at them, an idea of some corrections of cosmetic dentist, like reducing of the gums occurs to the mind.

Year 2016

A new waves of pictures and videos with Jay came to the surface filling the World Wide Web.  Fans witnessed, for instance, hot vacations together, including shots in swimming-suits. But everything has its own end, and their romance was not an exception. Alexis made an announcement about the break-up at the beginning of the coming year.In spite of the fact, that the model remained alone, she managed to focus on her activity well. And the pictures of that time inspire us with the beauty of the legs, undoubtedly without any plastic modifications. But chest and bust can be more discussed in this way…

Year 2017

It can be noted that the year was really successful for Alexis. She managed to occupy the front page of the issue “Maxim”. Among the other interesting achievements was the ads for “Final Fantasy 15” – one of the most popular video games. Moreover, there was also launching of personal active wear line.As for some changes in the appearance, some attention can be paid to the lips. But if some procedure really took place of not, – everyone decides for himself.

Year 2018

Alexis’s life, full of success, is always moving. The model is really in good fit, very decisive and looks like a baby-girl! Looking at her pictures we are convinced not to think much about usage of cosmetic surgery. Alexis Ren has such support that she wins a title of Sports Illustrated swimsuit Rookie! Just sincere greetings and going into more details of keeping fit and achieving similar forms with the help of the video shot by the model herself.

More Information on Alexis Ren: main personal data

In reality the name of our model is Alexis René Glabach who will be 22 in 2018. Alexis is Sagittarius by zodiac sign born in November in Santa Monica, California. Being of American nationality, she has an attractive mixture of Serbian, German, Irish and English blood. Now officially she is single, without children. Alexis Ren is famous as model and Youtuber, getting net of almost 1 million dollars. Her parameters are perfect, matching the brown eye colour and dark blondie hair. She is a constant star of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusion: luck really matters!

It is not extremely important if you admire the pictures of Alexis Ren or not. This name is expected to arrive for many years further. Despite her decent income because of posting in the internet, in the sector of fashion she needs to gain more experience.One of the favourite examples of fashion industry for Alexis is Gig Hadid and the dream is to be a face of Victoria Secret company. In fact, no one tells that it will never occur, maybe even very soon. And as for possible plastic surgery, if it happened, it had been performed really perfectly! All the best in all the future projects!

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