Amber Rose before and after. Plastic surgery?

We told you so: Amber Rose got her plastic surgery done. Where? The answer is not as obvious as you think.

A model, a singer and an actress, Amber Rose also blossomed in a business field. All this time – and that is ten long years – she managed to defy a title of a sex bomb due to her impossible body and enormous H-sized boobs.


It might astonish you, but Amber Rose vows her breasts are NATURAL, so it’s no wonder that she had to face discomfort and arranged a breast reduction operation, which she talked about on her Instagram. Of course nobody believes it. The speculation was circling, that she only found an explanation to get rid of her breast implants.

Let’s take a look: what’s artificial and what is natural? How about her face, for example? Was she born with these eyes, these cheekbones and so on?

Amber Rose Now & Then Photos

The only way to know where the plastic surgery took place (or the fact of it itself), we must look through the shots of Amber Rose before and after her glory days. Any kind of a cosmetic procedure isn’t hard to spot.

Early Days  of Flower Girl

Sweet little child, isn’t she? At her 12, Amber Rose had bad teeth shape that could cause lots of mocking from her classmates. She obviously had something dental to do – whether it was braces, specific veneers on her teeth. She could also have her gum contoured.

Teenage Years: growing up


If you ever wanted to see Amber Rose on her storm-and-stress period, there you go. A clear proof of Amber being WHITE, which means that she never turned to plastic surgery to change her skin colour. Also, look at her plumpy lips: big enough not to care about their size already. Let’s assume she wouldn’t even think of making anything to them afterwards.

Adulthood: the career starts


We don’t see Rose Amber with curls that often, so here’s some treat for your eyes. She might be 18 here – a very hard time for her and her mom, Dorothy Rose, as they lost their home three years before, after Rose’s parents divorced. To make the ends meet, Rose had to collect pennies as a stripper in a night club.

Her breasts are already massive, and it’s doubtful she would want to make them any bigger. If she did, it probably happened a tadearly… but, if we look at the next pic, this sounds doubtful as well.


Here’s one more of already-adult-but-not-quite Ambe Rose. Her hair is as gorgeous as it was (AREN’T THEY?), and her makeup tells us a story of a girl who finally understood how to use a lipstick and powder.

Judging by her cleavage – and you can’t argue this looks real – these boobs didn’t even hear about plastic surgery itself. It’s not that hard to fit those in a bra or good old silicone shapes, so there’s no sign of implants.

Year 2002: makeover


An extreme makeover for Amber Rose.

Amber Rose shaved her head a year before her twenties thanks to Sinead O’Connor, her mother figure. Her new look wasn’t acclaimed by the public, but no sooner had she bleached her hair, she found herself impressively noticeable and got an image that soon became her motto.

Her face traits seem the same, so you can’t surely say whether she did something to it or not. No predictable nose job, no ocular operation and nothing to make her lips look even plumper.

Year 2008: the Success

LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 23: Model Amber Rose arrives at the Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop at the Paris Las Vegas on May 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)


Amber’s star rose in 2008, after collaboration with Young Jeezy and Kanye West on their “Put On” music video. Before that, she was already living in New York with her mom for a year and got to a modeling business. A lovely complexion, alluring body and clean skin with no tattoos attracted already-famous singer’s attention. After the video, she became the face for LV and West’s shoe line.

Year 2009: establishing a motto

Lilac hair, stunning lipstick and a gold chain necklace to finish her look, Amber is seen at the Villa Lounge in LA with a total and obvious makeover. The shape of her nose and her chin are still quite nice, so there’s no way she turned to plastic surgery to change them (and she doesn’t really need to).

Year 2011: massive sexuality

Here’s Amber Rose almost catwalking the Maxim’s Hot 100 Party in Hollywood, California. Although, you can’t say she’s welcome at a walkway – see, she doesn’t fall into typical model categories. If she desired to become a star of “Victoria’s Secret”, she might have a liposuction and turn to another wonders of plastic surgery, as… well, let’s face it: she is sexy indeed, but her sexuality is too massive for showing off underwear.

Year 2012: “Loaded” and “Fame”

2012 was a year when Amber Rose jumped at her music career: dropping “Fame” as a debut and a release of “Loaded”, caught some critics’ attention. Here’s her pic at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An eye of a gourmet will surely be caught by new drawings on her arms, but we can’t pass the beauty of her cheeks! Did plastic surgery have something to do here? There’s certainly no better way of underlining your oomph, than to put the pinky blush and scarlet lipstick on your gorgeous face! And, no, her breasts are just pushed up a little, so no talks of implants, please!

Year 2013: a romance

The two-year romantic relationship with Wiz Khalifa led to a marriage in 2013. Spouses even had a son – Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. So, even looking at her widened body, you can forgive it due to her endured pregnancy.

You can say the majority of stars choose plastic surgery to fit into their old clothes again, but Amber Rose decided to make everything on her own. She didn’t go and did a liposuction: she took up a diet and started visiting a gym quite often. She was always sincere about her life on her social media, talking about the difficulties of a chosen path and delusory stories about the women who claimed they lost their weight in only 3 months.

Year 2014: lifted the bum?

Rose Amber’s and Wiz Khalifa’s marriage lasted for only a year: she applied for a divorce shortly after MTV Video Music Awards. You can never say what happens between two lovebirds, but the look on Wiz’s face says it all.

And here’s the implant deal: her bottom looks unnaturally large. Perhaps she has taken a note from Blac Chyna, her close friend – who knows?

Year 2016: MuvaMoji starts

In 2016, Amber Rose successfully launched her MuvaMoji application and made a fortune. Driven by her enormous profit, Amber Rose decided to become a TV-host: she had her self-titled talk-show and made an appearance in “Dancing With The Stars” during its 23rd season.

Here’s Amber Rose at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors in New York. Not only her front attracts your eye, but her back as well. Could she have a Brazilian butt lift? Well, we indeed saw her bottom was large, but the lift of her butt here seems, well… let’s say unnatural for an absence of a better word.

Year 2017: nose job?

Amber Rose walks a red carpet of the NYLON magazine Young Hollywood Party – her hair is unexpectedly long, and her 36H-sized boobs catch everyone’s eye… Although her nose is what we need to look at here. Is it us, or does her nose bridge seems a little bit thinner than before? Was it an experienced makeup or indeed a nose operation?

Let’s look at the facts: she isn’t scared of honesty about her operations – she told the world she wanted to make her boobs smaller and uploaded a clip about Botox. So, are we sure we are talking about nose plastic here?

Year 2018: final reduction

After the breast reduction, Amber Rose shared this picture on her social media accounts. Well, her bodysuit seems quite tight, and her boobs – quite smaller. Considering the health matter, we couldn’t be happier for her. The new body really fits her and attracts no attention.

More Information About life of Amber Rose:

“Rose” isn’t her real surname: as a little girl, she was called Amber Levonchuk. She was born on the 21st of October, in 1983 (which means she’s a Libra) in Philly, PA. Her family has Irish, African and Italian roots, but she considers herself 100% American. Before dying her hair, she was brunette, her eyes (thankfully never changed) are hazel. Her body measurements (without any account of implants or anything) are: 1.75 m of height and 72 kilos of weight.

After Wiz Khalifa, she wasn’t married and didn’t give birth to children (apart from Sebastian – Wiz’s son). Right now, she’s dating Monte Morris – a basketball player from “Denver Nuggets”. She’s occupied in every imaginable field – she’s striking poses for fashion mags, designs clothes herself and efficiently runs business (which makes her net worth around 12$ million per year). She’s got accounts on every social network you can imagine: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Amber Rose’s own words on plastics

If you take a look on her social media, it can become obvious that Amber Rose isn’t scared of being honest with her followers, even though it can seem as a little bit too much. The reason for her boobs reduction was known: she called them “stupid heavy” and admitted that it’s almost impossible for her to “wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra”.

She also uploaded a clip of getting a Botox injection, which nobody liked, unfortunately. Amber Rose didn’t even mind changing the direction: she shared another video earlier this year and urged everyone to choose a cosmetic surgeon carefully, if there’s a wish of some changes made to your appearance. She also mentioned that she doesn’t really care about what anyone has to say about her actions. If you needed some examples of her fierce personality, there you go.

Amber Rose was always sincere about all of her actions and never cared about anything that people say behind her back (however big the bum is), so we don’t doubt she’s telling the truth about no breasts implants. And what’s for her bottom… well, that’s a hard question.

All in all, most of her body parts are real. Yes, she told the public about some of her surgeries, but she was obviously born with an attractive face and needed no cosmetic help for being stunning.

The answer to the question “How can I look like Amber Rose?” is… man, you’ve got to be lucky.

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