Blac Chyna surgical intervention exposed

Intriguing and charming star Blac Chyna. In modernity, gathering momentum such a cool resource as Instagram. Here we track a vast number of completely multiple content makers who are not just having fun, but already earn big money on their accounts. So, today our attention was drawn to an incredible woman, who already has fourteen million subscribers, and this is wonderful Blac Chyna. However, her pretty appearance raises many questions from the audience, for example, with regard to plastic surgery. How did she come to such big glory? And an amazing figure? What did she do for it? Probably, it interests many, and we will reveal a little history of Blac Chyna plastic surgery life.

Blac Chyna plastic surgery

As we know, education is not cheap always. Blac Chyna before, working as a stripper, she was managing to pay for her college, but it took a lot of her strength. As a result of such life, she got a lot of health problems. So, she decided to leave education and was engaged seriously in a striptease and a model industry.

So, dealing with such a business, probably there was made artificial breasts and ass. After all, now her perfect body is so popular that she starred in the video Nicki Minaj, and the famous singer Drake mentioned her in one of his cool songs.

After this story, you probably wondered what she did to achieve such a fabulous figure? It is doubtful that someone is not sure about Blac Chyna fake butt and boobs, but let’s take a closer look at her nice face, maybe this is no exception too?


The model’s Photos: Before/After

Blac Chyna before and after plastic surgery

Definitely, everyone will agree that the best way to figure out about the operations on her awesome face it is to get photos of a yet unknown girl. Let’s check Blac Chyna before and after operations.

So, enjoy!

Did She Have A Rhinoplasty?

In front of you there are two photos. This girl is awesome on it. Look at her cute nose at the first one, here we see the usual natural nose. And at the second one, yes, you are right, it is much narrower, and the nose tip is acute now. You probably have already concluded that Blac Chyna had a rhinoplasty. We think it’s obvious…

The model had a breast operation

Blac Chyna

Oh, there is the fantastic woman with her mesmerizing boobs. Look at the photo on the left, here we see the natural neckline, which definitely can not be said about the photo on the right. Check, there is a Blac Chyna booty, what could it be? Maybe the surgeon made it, because the boobs are become very round, even the veins are visible. Are you cool with such changes? Think about it!

What About Bum Operation?

We understand that you have been waiting for it long ago… We all know the features of the appearance of afro-american women, now we are talking about an ass, you, probably, guessed it yourself. Well, the Blac Chyna butt looks just huge, it’s certainly not very natural. Isn’t it?

Here, of course, we are not talking about an operation, it could do by cosmetologists, they just suck her fat and pump in the right place…and such things happen…

But let’s look at it from the other side, we shouldn’t be criticising Blac Chyna ass, because it’s no matter what she did with her own ass, because a lot of men are hooked on it.

Is She Getting Lip Injections?

We have to refer again to the features of appearance of black women, so they will have plump lips. Let’s figure out, so it’s weird, because her lips seems too thick with her lip makeup, but maybe it’s just injections? You will take an interest…

So stop, not to hurry, still looked at the picture of Blac Chyna before plastic surgery, and here it became obvious that we were wrong. And she had no injection in the lips. Most likely it doesn’t need an explanation.

Did She Reduce Of The Forehead?

“The operation to decrease the forehead” – is there such a thing? You ask. However, the handsome model will surprise you. The model’s one was suspiciously getting smaller and smaller every year. Is it Bad Chyna plastic surgery? But do not rush to make conclusions, so after carefully studying her pictures, we realized that deal in another.

Not everyone will notice, but it seems that her hairline is playing a joke on us… Are you curious?

So check below.

And here is the next question to discuss!

How Did She Make Her Hairline lower?

People are prone to stress, and, like many women, in particular after childbirth. The incredible model began to struggle with this problem too. You probably noticed that bald spots visible on her hair at the photo on the left, but on the right photo the hair is completely thick and beautiful, maybe it’s Blac Chyna surgery. Based on this, we found that the awesome woman clearly had a hair transplant operation.

The transformation of model’s beauty

We managed to tell a lot about the model’s life, but you’re probably interested to see the changes in her facial features, hair and Blac Chyna body during that time?

Start at the beginning…

So, read on!

Youth days and the family

Look there is a good photo of still very young model, this is clearly Blac Chyna before surgery. And are there her family behind? You ask. We can’t give an exact answer, but you can compare their skin colors. Her skin color seems more natural, so there can be no question about the skin whitening.

Teen-age – fashion to the extreme

Here you can see her, when she was a teenager. So, there is no makeup and she’s very young. However, look at her fashion in that period: piercing like dimples on her cute cheeks. Of course, not everybody will agree with such beauty… But what was your teenage style?

The beginning of adulthood

The gorgeous girl worked as a hairdresser during that time. This photo clearly shows her very lush breasts. Definitely, you have raised the question: did she already have counterfeit breasts at such an early age?

Starting career: 2010


At that moment, her modeling career was just beginning to gain momentum. And it was the cover of Time Piece magazine.

In the video we have attached, you can see our amazing woman, who is dancing with a pole and raps at the Def Jam Rapster, Miami. Yes, interesting…

The skinny: 2011


This year, of course, was not very remarkable in her life, but still. At that period, she began dating Tyga. In the photo, she is in a short dress, you see her tattoo on her leg? There is Blac Chyna before plastic surgery, because now she is quite different.

“Baby Mama”: 2012

It was the DGK Parental Advisory Premiere and Concert at the Avalon. In the image the pretty woman simultaneously looks very sweet and passionate, check her gorgeous eyelashes, we think if you do not know, you will not be surprised that many call her “Baby Mama”. And you probably remember her hair problems… So you think is it a wig or a natural?

Weight changes: 2013

Every mother knows this problem. The handsome woman was no exception: having given birth to a child, she was significantly getting fat.

But look at the photo that we found… There are her sexy haunches and muscular press, but where? There are several assumptions. It could be a debilitating diet, or a simpler way is a tummy tuck. What do you choose?

Look, as for some diets and sports, many women know that when you lose weight, your whole body will lose weight, but there…

You see the juicy bum, here’s the question: how did she manage to lose fat with her own efforts, while leaving it where it’s supposed to be?

Business lady: 2014

BLAC CHYNA - super

88 fin, girl, you know that label? After all, the unbelievable woman opened her own boutique, you can see her heels, pants, a jacket in this photo. And LASHED? Hear that? It’s her brand of lashes! That’s not all, friends: she had makeup lessons in her own beauty salon in Los Angeles. It’s incredible how she progresses to do these kind of biz.

You, of course, wonder: where such a fabulous woman finds so much time for herself and for business? Keep it up!

The youth: 2015

Still the same girl… Well, look at the beautiful nude makeup, it’s to her face, isn’t it? And there is snow-white and dazzling smile? Her teeth is great. Perhaps, you guessed that she clearly does not need the help of cosmological dentistry.

Blac Chyna is still young and she is twenty-seven y.o. here. Are you remember her forehead? Here, she hid it well behind that wig… no wrinkles, no black circles, no any Blac Chyna surgery… She definitely won’t need injections for her face or Botox, at least in the near future.

Year of Dating: 2016

BLAC CHYNA - plastic surgery or not?

Last year she made a lot of star acquaintances, there was, for example, Pilot Jones, Johnny Wenn, Amber Rose. However, this year she met Rob Kardashian, and, of course, they were clearly not just friends.

In this photo, the sweet model goes shopping, but not alone… She carries Rob’s baby in her womb. Of course, her face has not bright makeup and cham cilia…

Hard time: an annum ago

In the pic she was going to the BET Hip Hop Awards at the Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami Beach. It’s definitely been a very hard period for her… She broke up with Rob, there was a lot of revenge, nasty photographs, which were confirming Blac Chyna plastic surgery, for instance, post baby liposuction, tummy tuck, and it’s unclear what…

Oh, life of the model looks like some kind of TV series, but, unfortunately, it is a very dramatic series, you might say…

Yes, we can not agree, but look, the model still looks good with her also nude makeup and already pale hair. So, she probably doesn’t need to put a lot of makeup to look great woman!

Old Blac Chyna: 2018

BLAC CHYNA - is he having plastic surgery or not?

Peek, what the fantastic woman looks like today. You have clearly noticed that gray short hair… how noble it seems, really?

In addition, we found no evidence of changes her chin or cheekbones. She makes on impression with this minimalist makeup.

Keep more data about her

An actual name of this unbelievable woman is Angela Renee White. The model was born on May 11, 1988 in the wonderful point called Washington, United States of America. She is taurus. And, as you know, her ethnicity is Afro-American. Now she works in a fashion industry, she is a visagiste, also her specialization is a business lady and, of course, a personal stylist. So, the model’s net worth is four million dollars. Now the gorgeous woman is dating. And at present she has two children: Dream Renee Kardashian is her lovely daughter and King Cairo Stevenson is her nice son.

Are you interested in exploring her in more detail, maybe?

So, check!

The height of wonderful model is only 157 cm, you know? The amazing woman’s wt is 61 kilo. There are her parameters: 36-27-41 Inches. The bra size is 34D. The clothing number is ten and the size of boots is 8-ish. Her natural eye color is dark brown and you maybe forgot or absolutely didn’t know her real colour of curls, we can say that it’s a ferrous. So, definitely, you know all about Blac Chyna now!


So, we have done a lot of work, but we can say that this perfect woman has done a lot to create her appearance, because not many will have enough time and effort for this. Yes, her beauty may have been exposed to surgical intervention, but what does it matter if you look at the model today. Who did she become?

We found quite strong evidence that she have surgical manipulation on her boobs, also we could not ignore Blac Chyna butt implants, nose operation, hair transplant…

But you ask, what about the rest of her features? And this beauteous woman is only thirty y.o., and she is successful business lady now. We saw that she looks quite young and fresh, she has no wrinkles, she did not do the eyebrowlifting, neck and face-lifting. So, who knows how long it will take before she remembers about other rejuvenating beauty modifications.See more Before and After plastic surgery…


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