Did Blake Lively Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Blake Lively started off as a Gossip Girl budding talent and led her life right to the moment of being a surfer dealing with deadly fish around the ocean… but what is more interesting for almost everyone in front of a TV screen isn’t oceanology, but Blake Lively’s appearance.She doesn’t look that fitting for the screen, does she?

Blake Lively was born in Los Angeles and was an item of discussion for quite a long time. Speculations included everything possible: rhinoplasty, breast implants, eye changes and Botox, and these rumors and those spreading them never rest.

Blake Lively never lies about her gourmandism, but, despite this, she never gains too much weight even after she gave birth to two kids from Ryan Reynolds. So, that is the question: what does Blake do to stay this young and this beautiful?

Before & After Photos

The best method to find out everything about possible plastic operations of Blake Lively is to parallel before and after photos and compare her appearance now and then.

Did Blake Lively Get A Rhinoplasty?

People are still discussing Blake’s nose, and here’s the evidence. See, it was much bigger back in the days. We mean every part of it: the bridge, the nostrils and the tip. Paralleled pictures show obvious changes, and we can’t tell whether these could happen naturally or needed a third-party help. If Blake indeed had her nose shape contoured, then the result is truly impressive.

Did Blake Perform Boob Job?

Blake Lively’s fans always acknowledged that her bra size isn’t something people call “too much”, but it was enough anyway. Sometimes pictures of her do suggest some slight changes, but even after a detail analyzes we can say that it has nothing to do with implants. She’s dressing that stylish and good, that’s all.

Moreover, her breasts enlarged when Lively was pregnant twice, which means every part of her body changes proportionally, and nothing changes unnaturally. And, if you look closely at her cleavage, you’ll see the charming nature of her breasts.

Has She Had Dentistry Job Done?

When Blake was in her high-school years (you can see the picture on the left), she definitely had crooked teeth, but this changed during her transition to adulthood. We suppose the performed operations weren’t that substantial: perhaps it was nothing more than braces and dental veneers, but it definitely helped her to start her career.

What About Her Gaze?

The uniqueness of Blake’s eyes is actually called “hooded eyes” in cosmetology. It covers both her eyes shape (they look very small but narrow) and double eyelids. But, if you’re attentive enough during looking at her Before & After photos, you won’t see any major difference. We don’t think Blake Lively had done something to her eyes, hence.

Blake’s Beauty Growth

Let’s monitor the changes happened to Blake’s appearance during the start and the course of her career. We will focus on every body parts of hers, including the hair-style and a possible makeup involvement.

Early Days: obviously crooked teeth

You don’t often see Blake Lively on her school days, so enjoy it as much as you can. Well, the quality remains wanting, but it’s still obvious that the future Gossip Girl star had very wonky teeth. Later on she got to a dentist, and, for the sake of his sanity, he made wonders come to life.

Year 2005: a breaking star

In 2005, Blake was nothing more than “one-of-those-actresses-to-be” after landing a part in “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”. She looks as young and happy as any age-mate of hers, shining like sun with these blonde hair and thin lips.

Year 2007: “Gossip Girl” airs

Blake Lively was only twenty when she got a role of Serena Van Der Voodsen in “Gossip Girl”, but this TV show truly turned the tide of her life for good. In this picture, her nose still looks the same, so, perhaps, it was the pressure of upcoming fame after all that subjected her to rhinoplasty.

Year 2008: first nose job trace

At TCA 2008 Blake first gave a reason to talk about her possible nose job. It feels like her nasal bone is narrowed now, especially next to the picture of 2007.  It means that if she did have a rhinoplasty, it happened somewhere around this time.

Year 2012: family life

Wedding bells rang for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in 2012, after two years of dating, so now she got acquainted to the family life. Whatever difficulties she faced, it didn’t mean any complaints on her appearance: her face shape looks the same as well as the chin and the cheekbones.

Year 2013: a cosmetic brand ambassador

Due to all the TV shows airing proprieties, Gossip Girl finished in 2013. and Blake had to find new ways to make profit. As a result, she became a brand face for L’oreal. In a candid photo taken in 2013, she manages to look gorgeous even during shopping, making us wonder… is it butt lift? Are these boob implants? So many questions!

Year 2014: looking happy and hot

Blake Lively shocked everyone attending 2014 Met Gala with a risky V-neck Gucci dress after her first daughter, James, was born. The media and the fans hold to the opinion that Lively bared the trial by pregnancy and managed to stay slim after all, although nobody was sure of what was the main deal of this speedy recovery. Did she change her ration once again, did she exercise like an ox, or did she simply go by the path of liposuction?

Year 2015: still gorgeous

Here’s Blake at Jimmy Fallon’s, and, just as like every other TV guest, she’s looking perfect for a TV screen. Her stylists made a great job by finding the perfect makeup for that hairstyle, outlining the great face shape without a sign of any cosmetic procedure. And her freckle – God, this looks likes her own staple!

Year 2016: the second pregnancy

While being pregnant with her second daughter, Blake didn’t refrain from working and being a public figure, posing for cameras at the Cannes in 2016. Her breasts are larger than before with mother’s milk and they do look natural, which means no breast implants for Blake Lively.

Year 2017: sparkling teeth

Here’s Blake at Michael Kors Fashion Show in NY, with long fancy earrings and an old good hairstyle. She straightened her blonde hair and… whitened her teeth? Everybody does so, if they have a chance.

Even if you look very close at Blake Lively’s skin here, you will notice nothing revealing her age. Whether it’s a concealer or simply her luck, we don’t know, but it could also be botox. Fortunately, Blake Lively has a plenty of time before thinking about any kind of a face lift, as she is still pretty young.

Year 2018: beauty maintenance worth admiring

Blake Lively

Blake Lively isn’t pregnant anymore, but looking at her slim legs and defined thighs you wouldn’t even think she was. We can only guess how she manages to keep her body toned without liposuctions and such.

About Blake Lively:

Born on 25th August 1987 in a small neighborhood near LA, Blake was Brown at first, and only then turned into Lively. She’s got English, Irish and German roots in her tree, gifting her the unique face. Her blonde hair color is natural as well as her blue eyes.

Her fame soared when she was cast into plethora of movies and TV shows, and her hot body landed her many modeling contracts, resulting in 16$ Million net worth per year. Her popularity also resulted in her tying the knot with the actor Ryan Reynolds. Right now the couple is raising two daughters: Ines and James.

Speaking of hot body, her body is measured in 35-26-36 inches. She’s quite tall with 1.78 m and weighs 63 kilos. Her bra size is moderate but impressive 32C, she wears 6US dresses and 9US shoes.



After analyzing many of Blake Lively’s before and after photos, we found a number of images that supported certain plastic surgery claims. So yes, we do think there’s a good chance she’s opted for cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty.

We looked through lots of materials with Blake Lively now and then, and we can say that all of these rumors are not far-fetched. Whether it was a teeth whitening procedure (if so, there’s nothing wrong with it) or a rhinoplasty, it’s up to you to decide what you think about it.

There is no evidence of breast implants, eyelid surgery or even botox – nevermind that she’s still not that old to have a face lift. We’ll see what happens next…

So what’s your opinion?

Has Blake Lively Had Plastic Jobs?

If So, Which Jobs Exactly?

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