Carrie Fisher plastic surgery: the mystery continues!

Carrie Fisher is known for being an actress, performance artist and screenwriter. Her fame has arrived probably after one unforgettable movie: major part of cinema-goers are aware of her like Princess Leia in the trilogy “Star Wars”. Now gossips are arrived concerning presence of plastic surgery – undoubtedly for improving of appearance, still being a nice woman and keeping pleasant figure and charm, be active in her activities and life.

Discussions on using plastic surgery of Carrie Fisher came to the fore after some demonstrating visual change of her face. It should be noted the latter has been deeply criticized. Some critics were really strong in their judgments and could not keep from commenting on the appearance. The wave of critical judgment became stronger after Carrie Fisher’s starring in the other part of Star Wars, called The force awakens.

According to some opinions, at least two procedures possibly took place. The say some botox shot and lifting of the face skin have been undergone. Moreover, there is an essential evidence – before and after photo, and not the only one, – appeared online for public view. This caused a bright polemics all over the world and real modification  is considered to be true.

On the web before and after the last film, some tight revealing of the face skin has been perceived. It cannot be denied that the face of  Carrie Fisher demonstrates some unusual features compared to the period in the past. Similar look is supposed to appear like some mini-facelift to have been performed. The fillers on the forehead part are supposed to make the wrinkles go away. And the face pulled taut and tight resembling the skin of a baby and not of a middle-aged woman.

Another procedure of plastic surgery which gave birth to rumour arrival is botox. It is quite reasonable to take place over the skin without visible flaws. It is too nice to be reality without signs of aging. Still, great many cinema-goers reflect that it is almost impossible not to possess wrinkles and frown at a certain age: the actress who was so successful as a young girl – Princess Leia in the correlating film does not exist today like previously.  Carrier Fisher – the princess from Star Wars – joined the mature phase of age. The images of princesses are not preferred now by her.

Now Carrier is in her late fifties.  It not extremely much, but the roles of princesses in this age are no longer actual. It is quite possible to discuss some feeling awkward about true look of Carre. The main question is connected with the reality of cosmetic surgery. According to Mirror Online, despite admission of personal instability, the actress did not clearly state about plastic surgery.

During the interview, Fisher mentioned the fact of looking at her age and rather melted. To her regret, it was not her intention to be like that. Nevertheless, the idea of significant plastic surgery does not inspire. In the opinion of Carrie, it would be ridiculous especially compared to the young colleagues and not only.

Thus, it stated that cosmetic surgery did not take place. Rather than correlating procedures, Carrie Fisher told about using of some medicines. In her opinion, medications are able to make necessary modifications of a person in case of not feel at ease.

So, it may be stated that medicines really modify appearance. The belief in it still remains without a definite answer. It is just a review, and to believe in it – is very personal. But if the rumour is justified and surgery is really true, refreshing of the appearance has been accomplished professionally.

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