If the name of Real Estate Investor and Actress Christina El Moussa sounds familiar to you, then you won’t be surprised to know she amassed gossips about her body… well, if you are, let me shine like a divine perception light upon you.

She appeared on TV screens and is no newbie to estate business: her main activity are estate transactions: she buys houses, gets them a complete makeover and then sells for a stupidly high price. She blossomed in real life, so HGTV invited her to make her TV-debut in “Flip of Flop” series.

Christina El Moussa Biography

“Flip or Flop” went so massive that Christina rapidly rose to TV olymp. She stepped on her path in South California even earlier, as a Real Estate investor, and made a great fortune. In 2009, she got married to Tarek El Moussa and gave birth to two kids. Both spouses appeared in “Flip or Flop” in 2013 and, as claimed by critics and demanding audience, had an undeniable chemistry (who would have thought!). Back then, her pay for one single episode was around 10,000$, and now she makes around 4$ Million per year.

Christina El Moussa Personal life

After giving birth to a second child, Christina stepped back from working as a house-wife and got back to house trade. However, this negatively affected her family life: due to the lack of time, she couldn’t find a vacant slot for her kids and her husband in her timetable, which led to a divorce in 2017.

Whether Christina El Moussa didn’t want to lose her beauty and opportunity to find a new man, or it was simply the fear of getting older, but she began keeping a close watch on her appearance. It resulted in fans speculating about her body – could it stay that beautiful after you successfully beared two kids? Rumoured plastic surgery included her Boobs, kilos deflation and Lips Implants. But, the truth is, she was obviously born with it – however hard you try, you can’t do the same with the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before and after Pics

Christina El Moussa Body Measurements

Christina’s body itself is naturally athletic, so it’s no wonder she’s got such a supple body, whether she puts a lot effort in keeping it that way or not. She weights around 120 pounds, which matches her height of 5 feet 5 inches. She’s wearing 32C bras, and her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches. What’s for her shoes and her dress – it’s 7 and 5 respectively. Add natural blonde hair and fascinating blue eyes, and you get a pure woman of your dreams.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Plastic

Christina El Moussa Boob Implants

After her instant success on TV, Christina El Moussa gathered an audience in social networks as well. Everybody was only whispering about her shapes and her breasts which had a lot of defenders, claiming that “these are not fake”. But, well, I wouldn’t agree with them, and there’s nothing bad about it. Lots of people we see on our TV screens did that to fit the bills of modern industry, and there’s nothing wrong with them… having a breast augmentation operation is just as common as having a TV set in your house. Although, if you think about it a little bit more, it still doesn’t matter as she manages to look perfect.

Christina El Moussa Lips Implants

There were also talks about probable lip fillers in Christina’s mouth. If you look closely at this woman in her mid-thirties, you won’t seek any wrinkles or lines indicating a smile, which is expectable at her age. And, what’s even worse for her, it’s that she didn’t change a bit compared to how she looked like before.

Just think of it: almost 6 million people in America get Botox injections per year. This filler paralyzes all the muscles hiding underneath your skin, so they don’t move and don’t distort it. Many celebrities jump on a chance to stay young thanks to this method, and we can see why it was rumored Christina El Moussa did the same.

Christina El Moussa Lip Job

Christina El Moussa is truly never fully dressed without a smile, as this accessory always topped her overall beauty and underlined everything needed. But, the truth is, it was partly achieved by undergoing plastic surgeries! First – a small one, then – once again. Little by little, she changed her mouth completely. Although she stays beautiful, let’s not forget that her lips weren’t so bad before, so it was kind of risky for her to do all that again.

Anyway, she is both successful on a TV screen and in a business field as well. Although she was not equally consistent in her family life, it’s not a sin to always hope for the best. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that Christina gets her happiness back – whether it will be with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, or with someone else.

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