Demi Rose Mawby: Are there any Boob Job & Butt Implants?

Demi Rose Mawby is a very famous British model, who mesmerizes the whole Internet. Now the number of her Instagram followers is over seven million, all because of her outstanding looks.

Demi Rose Mawby

Nevertheless, the biggest part of her popularity has come to her after she started to date Tyga, the rapper who used to date Kylie Jenner as well (in 2016). She is into modelling business, advertisement, travelling and blogging. She works for several magazines, which are called to be top and prestigious ones.

Demi is very young and popular, and here go the aftermaths of such a way of life: being in a limelight, always exposed to public discussion, rumors about private life, paparazzi’s shots and gossip.

One of the controversies that is constantly on the agenda among lots of media is that Demi has opted for surgeries several times. People still do not understand what the reason of her breasts having become so much bigger is, if no surgeon’s knife. Does it also have a touch of artificiality when it comes to her buttocks as well?

Though Demi Rose denied these tattles, her metamorphoses have been so obvious and transparent at least because she used to share her pics on social networks very frequently.

There was an interview, where Demi definitely claims that no breast augmentation had ever taken place. According to her version, Demi Rose has gained some weight, and that is one reason of her boobs growing bigger. The other reason is that she’s very into sports, and that’s the only thing she used to contour her butt silhouette with.

Before and After Photos

Though Demi tries to say that her body wasn’t touch while any procedure, it doesn’t calm down her social networks and Instagram followers. Being the center of attention is not easy, and that manifests itself in a very keen eye to detail, which is always on her body changes. Nothing can happen without being noticed, can it? That’s why people still discuss is her body fake or real.

Now it’s time to have a closer look at her pictures before and after she became worldwide known, in order to check the changes. Do you notice them yourselves?

Did She Have A Boob Job?

Demi Rose Mawby plastic surgery

Demi’s boobs grew a few cup size bigger, which is what we can see in the seductive photos she shared on social media. Though the model is currently curvy enough, the sudden change in her breasts provoked some talks in comments and articles in numerous media.

She claimed that the eating disorder she used to have is the reason her boobs were smaller earlier. Her verdict was straight-forward: no boob job has taken place, everything is natural, and it is time to stop the argument about this.

Which is quite understandable: nobody would like to comment on rumors spread by omnipresent nosy reporters.

Has Demi Mawby Had Butt Implants?

Her followers are very picky and careful, that’s why they found it evident that Demi Mawby’s bottom has much increased in size. Is it a real coincidence that everything happened right after she began to date Tyga? The celebrity though denied any surgical intervention, saying that her changes have to do with her healthy and sportive way of life. That and genes are the only secret to her perfect shapely silhouette.

Anyway that looks suspicious that her waist and hips were 24/26 inches, and her butt was more flat, comparing to her today shapes: 36-inch hips! Her trained Dean Delandro advocates her, claiming that her regular and frequent workout helped her to achieve the shape she possesses nowadays, and nothing more is responsible for that.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether any plastic surgery (implants, augmentation or whatever) has taken place!

Does Demi Use Lip Fillers?

Demi’s lips have happened to be compared with Kylie Jenner’s ones. Why? Rumors say that they both used lip fillers to perfect the shape of their lips, but no rumors about her plucked mouth have been addressed by Demi.

She does not like the fact of being compared with Tyga’s ex girlfriend, and she explains that it annoys her, because she actually respects Kylie as a person regardless all rumors and gossip. Now she is sharing with her the role of Tyga’s ex and saying that she wants to avoid every case of negativity in her life, without spreading rumors.

After looking at her before and after photo, we have all reasons to claim that her gorgeous lips have not undergone any surgery. Surely, those are naturally flawless!

At least, it’s far from Lara Flynn Boyle, the Twin Peaks star, who was eager to change the lips shape, which led to almost tragic consequences: having changed dramatically, her appearance became a turn-off to many movie directors. They say this is the reason she was not part of the third season of the show.

Demi’s Alleged Nose Job

At first it seems like Demi’s nose apparently has gone through some slight changes. The tip of her nose was initially flatter, which defined the bridge, and rhinoplasty have fixed that imperfection. Nevertheless, it’s just the supposition and we can’t surely say there was a case of plastic surgery.

There are some other examples in the world of celebrities who changed their nose. Watching the first episode of “Friends” you may have noticed that Jennifer Aniston looks quite average, though pretty. In later episodes, her nose looks really different: more symmetric and straight.

Even men do such a thing: Zack Efron, the star of movies for young adults and teenagers, has changed his nose, which made him look even less masculine: small nostrils and a thinner dorsum don’t seem to be a good result for an actor, that’s why we never heard of him starring in big movies.

Demi’s Face and Body Changes

Early Days

Being a child, Demi Rose looked very cute, especially in this charming dress! Already then knew Demi how to pose before cameras! Here we can see that obviously she wasn’t very used to highlighters, photoshop and plastic surgery. Her appearance is inartificial, innocent and incredibly sweet.

Year 2012

Here is the first picture of her she posted on Instagram. Her face was a little chubbier, and her jawline was a bit less defined. She looked beautiful back then as well, but we can see that her nose had a different shape, and her lips were not so vivid as they are now. Let us say that it’s “far from looking “model”, though it doesn’t seem to be a bad feature.

First Instagram Body Shot

Her first body picture was exposing her curvy shapes, especially her busty top. Her followers couldn’t say definitely if there was a push-up bra or a boob job done to make her bust bigger. Her tiny waist doesn’t correlate with her big breasts which looks unnatural. However, we can believe anything, if even Ivanka Trump claims she had no plastic surgery, and everyone believes her! Maybe it’s really a weight regain which made her look a little more plump.

Year 2013

This selfie shows that her breasts seem to have got bigger since she presumably eventually battled her eating disorder. Although she still looks skinny, you can notice that looking at her thin arms. Are boobs a bit artificial or is it gaining weight? We can only guess now, since no doctors have been consulted while making statements about her “fake figure” starting that time.

Year 2014

Demi looks gorgeous here, and what is evident is that her makeup is divine, though it is very simple. She highlighted her vivid mouth, tussled hair and vampire-seductive eyes. We guess she could compete with Kardashian-Jenner sisters looking like this way! We cannot say for sure if there was some surgeon’s work but she definitely used better makeup: contouring, highlighters and other tools to shape her nose and cheeks.

Year 2015

This year Demi Rose’s career made much headway: she had many modeling jobs and photoshoots for magazines and journals including FHM. Her face started to look unexpectedly different, so it left her social media followers wondering if there were some cheek implants to make her cheeks look plumped up, and if her chin has been done as well. Anyway, everyone cannot but agree that her look is incredibly sweet here!

Year 2016

Demi Rose

That year was more of spreading rumors about Tyga and Demi’s being compared to Kylie Jenner. Fans were contemplating on her butt size when she came to the Sixty6 Magazine party event in a very revealing dress exposing her different body curves. Speculations would not go away, so Demi had to keep shooting down rumors about her butt implants, being already a nice couple with Tyga.

Year 2017

Her gorgeous red dress made people mesmerized by its sexy and glamorous looks at The Beauty Awards. Spectators were positively shocked looking at Demi’s hot body, which was breathtaking! Even then, the changes were remarkable. She seems here to have gained weight and have even curvier shapes. It should also be noted that it’s not a bad sign: the eating disorders are over.

Year 2018

Demi Rose

Demi Rose turned 23 in a company of her kith and kin in London. The party took place in Knightsbridge, and even then, Demi amazed close friends with her sexy profile revealed by a long dress. It advantageously underlines her lucrative dusky skin, thin legs and collarbone.

Now being a year older, the model has gained some weight as well, which slightly increased the size of her boobs. As she put it, the reason is nothing but daily exercise and diet. We should remark that her looks are very healthy.

Some interesting facts about Demi Rose (Bio):

  • Her real name isDemi Rose Mawby
  • She was born on27, March 1995
  • Her Zodiac sign is Aries
  • She was born in Birmingham (England, UK)
  • Her nationality is British
  • She’s half English, half Columbian.
  • Now living in Florida
  • She works as alingerie model (probably advertising and
  • Since 2016 she is also a DJ
  • Net Worth:$300,000
  • Her private life doesn’t let us know about her new match
  • Demi has got no children yet
  • Her height is57 m
  • Demi Rose’s weight is58 kg
  • The bra cup she wears is32DD
  • Demi’s natural hair color is brown
  • Her eyes are naturally dark brown
  • Demi’s favorite actors are Chris Pine and Keira Knightley
  • She is fond of Italian cuisine
  • Her hobbies are shopping and travelling
  • She’s got experience of being a part of a music video with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled
  • Demi Rose likes to spend her time with close friends and family


Demi Rose’s Replies About Plastic Surgery

Having taken up to Twitter, the model asked the public to stop rumoring about her alleged surgeries. She also added in other tweets that she has already explained why she used to look thinner a couple of years before. We should admit that there really was a problem with her health.

In addition, we must admit that is actually no big surprise gaining and losing weight, especially being a well-known model. Being in public requires permanent staying in shape which, whereas, makes it impossible to ignore sport and diets, sometimes very hazardous. It leads to numerous eating disorders, problems with hair, skin and hormones, which makes it even harder to keep fit as a fiddle.

The fact that enhances the situation is that, when being a teenager, Demi was bullied for her shapes. She was curvy and short, so schoolmates called her fat. It definitely affects the self-esteem even in adult life, and motivates to work hard to make shapes look better or it is just a way to be never completely satisfied with the way you look. It leads to opting for surgeries as well.


Regardless the fact that she denies having had any plastic surgery, her fans and followers make an analogy between before and after photos and cannot believe that no enhancements have been done, judging by her perfect Barbie looks. It seems unimaginable that it has nothing to do with any kind of science help.

None of breast cosmetic surgeons would deny that Demi Rose had some boob job and possibly a butt augmentation, which presented her with an hourglass body. Within just three months her hips have grown from 26 to 36 inches. Demi’s lips and nose could also possibly have been enhanced with either the help of very subtle cosmetic procedures or just the right makeup.

We can see photos made by Demi on her Instagram. They look immaculate because of her smooth-looking skin and good contouring, strobing and other makeup procedures that help to change your face shape without any operative treatment.

Nevertheless, judging by photos made by other people we can suspect that surgical treatment might have come into the picture as well. Her nose looks similarly small and accurate in every new photo; her boobs are noticeably bigger compared to her thin waist, and of course, her butt is wider and more sportive-looking than before. But exercising a gluteus means bigger hips as a result, which we don’t witness now.

We can only wait for new photos of Demi and her public appearances to say definitely whether she was insincere with her fans and followers, or her looks are really that natural and achieved by nothing but hard work.

Anyway, the image of Demi Rose, her personal life and the number of surgeries she opted for are still full of mystery, which makes journalists ferret for more and more evidence. Our task is to stay tuned and be always on the lookout for updates!

We must add that she is not the only one celebrity being discussed in this relation. For example, Megan Fox is considered to be “prettier” when she was younger, though now, after a number of surgeries, she looks sexier, according to lots of opinions.

Let’s recall Neil Patrick Harris. His story a good example of something that bothers a person too much, so that they decide to change it. Comparing his young and mature pics, we can clearly see the shape of his ears has changed.

Although misfortunes happen too: for instance, Jennifer Grey, the “Baby” from Dirty Dancing, remained unnoticed, since she found her lips not plump enough and her nose too crooked. What happened in result? Turned out that producers loved her previous look more than the current one, and she started to seem average, having lost her “schtick”.

We hope that our celebrities will be careful and love themselves no matter how imperfect they may seem. Sometimes flaws become something that makes a person unique and recognizable.


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