Emma Watson: All About Her Cosmetic Surgery. Nose Job, Teeth And Breast Implants?

Everybody knows how beautiful Emma Watson is and sometimes people think that she wanted to improve her beauty with plastic surgery.

Emma changed lots from playing a small girl in ‘’Harry Potter’’ to being a grown-up Belle. We are sure of it. But how did she improve it?…

Of course, you need to see beyond everything about how to act and to be beautiful while playing, to be one of the best actresses in the world. And she is. There isn’t any mistake, because of she really now all the information.

Does Emma Watson have genuine beauty or she owed to change something to become a top actress? We will write it in our article!

Talking About Before & After Photos

First, we started looking through lots of pictures of Emma Watson. We compared it and got a lot of interesting information about her appearance. Carry on reading to see some photos of her, you will know lots of new about her appearance!

Did Emma Watson Have A Nose Job?

Viewing this before and after photo we may see her nose changed a bit. First she had thicker and a bit larger nasal bridge than in the second picture.

So maybe she really had a plastic surgery to correct her beak a bit, because every star wants to shine, but not everybody is born with natural excellent glory.

Did Emma Watson Really Have Braces & Teeth Veneers?

In her childhood, she hadn’t got as pretty teeth as she has now. We compared this before and after photos of Emma Watson and noticed she used to have little gaps and a bit dirty teeth. Of course, every actress need a cute smile just to have an excellent appearance. So the glory wasn’t so natural and she improved it.

So we decided Emma Watson to have teeth veneers to make her smile shine.

Did Emma Watson Have boobs Implants?

Again we compared really lots of pictures. We introduce you Emma Watson before and after where we may see her boobs changed. In the second picture, you can see that her bust became a bit bigger. So, looking at her before and after we are able to say that maybe she really had boobs implants! But who knows the truth… Later we will talk about it again.

The Story Of Emma’s Beauty Transformation

We will see how her style, body features, hair and make up changed years after years. We will compare lots of pictures of her life to understand the truth about her glory. There are lots of information below which we found of comparing her pictures.

Emma’s Early Days

Before Emma Watson went to England she was living in France, Paris where she was born. That is really a wonderful place! In this picture, we may view her with blonde hair. She was a child so we couldn’t compare it to know something interesting about her real beauty. But she was really pretty in childhood. Maybe she really loved Minnie Mouse, because she wears its ears on her head.

In 1999

The part of Hermione Granger was won by her in 1999. That probably was really fantastic for her, because later it would be the most famous film and she would become one of the top actors in the world. About her appearance: we can see fat cheeks and lots of freckles. There is no makeup because she was a child and didn’t need it. Here she has got long hair and we can view it. The real glory is her best quality.

In 2001

Emma Watson carried her first “Young Artist Award” for her wonderful leading role of Hermione Granger.

In this picture, we can only see that her eyebrows are thick and her jawline is still sharp. She still has fringe instead of pictures beneath. Also maybe she has got a bit make up on her face. Nothing else changed in her appearance. She still has got long hair, we just can’t see it.

In 2005

She visited the premiere of her film where she really ‘’shined’’ as Hermione Granger. You should remember her before and after photos, because here we can view Emma Watson still wearing braces, not for a long time. Her eyebrows haven’t changed. Maybe she has a bit makeup but it’s a problem to see any makeup here. Besides she doesn’t have any fringe.

In 2009

In 2009 she earned lots of money and appeared in the Forbes’ list on the sixth place. If you again remember Emma Watson’s before and after photos you may understand that there is still no plastic surgery on Emma Watson’s boobs. Of course, in this picture, she has got some makeup. She had two red strings around her hair. Her hair is still long here, we just can’t see it.

In 2011

Here we can see Emma Watson having a bit fat, but it’s really a bit agreeably. She has a short hair versus her previous photo above. Her hair colour is dark. She still does not use any bright lipstick, but her lips are wonderful. Maybe the white colour is the best for her.

In 2013


Here we can see her hair changed a bit, but it is still short. Also, she has very pretty makeup including not so bright lipstick. Hope you remember that Emma Watson had braces, so you can see her smile changed a lot and became really amazing and shining. She is really like a shining star in this photo!

In 2015

This year Emma Watson has absolutely no fat, so she can show her beautiful body in a very beautiful black dress on the red carpet. This dress shows all the glory of her slim body. Here is still no plastic surgery on Emma Watson’s body. It seems like she has got breast implants, but we deem that there is just push up bra in lieu of any plastic surgery. Also, it even doesn’t seem she may have any implants in her buttock.

In 2016

There are lots to talk about 2016. First, everybody started noticing her nose operation. Also, Emma Watson started using this bright red lipstick, so it looks fantastic. We think there are no injections at her lips, especially at her upper lip! You can see her wonderful combed behind hair, that is the best haircut I’ve ever seen! It shows to be the black colour of her eyes.

In 2017

Something interesting happened in 2017. She became a star of the very famous film “Beauty and the Beast”. That’s fantastic because she isn’t small Hermione anymore. Now she became a very beautiful grown-up Belle. Also, you can see that here her boobs became a bit bigger. Maybe it’s just her dress presses it and makes bigger, or maybe not a dress but plastic surgery… Who knows…

In 2018

This photo was taken in Beverly Hills. Her form became longer and it is problem not to see it. Everybody can view her bright red lipstick. He can clearly view her real eyes colour. As you may discern she had got two different ear-tags!!

Also, we must be sure that her lips are absolutely real. They are without any plastic surgery or something like that. They are thin and a bit small. Some people think that there are some injections, but we can clearly see her absolutely real lips! But just look at her over-lip. Maybe Emma Watson really want to do any injection!

Interesting Intelligence About Emma Watson

  1. Day of her birth is 15th of April 1990. Now she is 28 y. o. She is still really a young woman!
  2. Place of Emma Watson’s birth in Paris, France. Later she moved to England where she still lives.
  3. Her star sign is Aries. That may tell you a lot about her Character, but we don’t talk about it in this article.
  4. Her ethnicity is English.
  5. She is not only an actress but also a model. That is not surprising, because she is really very beautiful!
  6. Her net worth is really $70 Million!! She is the top actress in the Earth.
  7. Emma is not in any relationships now. She is single.
  8. Also, she doesn’t have any children.
  9. Her bra size is 32B.
  10. About her clothes: her dress size is 6 (US) and shoe size is 7 (US).
  11. Her real hair colour is light brown and her natural eyes colour is brown.

The conclusion of the article

In fact, everybody knows that Emma Watson is lovely in real life. Maybe there are no questions about why Emma Watson was chosen to act as Belle. We all can see the difference between small Hermione Granger and already grown up Belle… Makeup, different surgeries to change appearance and so on…

In this article we looked through lots of photos of Emma Watson, comparing it we may view what exactly happened with her body and appearance. She made some operations and used veneers to make her smile shine. And after all the discussion we think that she didn’t do anything with her lips, they look real. She just started using red lipstick. Another part of Emma Watson’s body are absolutely real!

But there is still one question about her boobs. Is it real or not?… Is there any plastic surgery or not?… Nobody is sure except Emma Watson. But we just can guess… There is no photo where we can be absolutely sure about it, but it seems really natural… What do you think about it?just browse…

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