Eva Marie Coyle – Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Eva Marie is charming, attractive and very athletic, all about her. If you are interested in sport and fitness, wrestling and fitness modelling in the United States of America, especially in California, you might hear this name.

Nathalie Nelson was born on September 19, 1984, in California, USA. Nathalie is the Mexico-Italian origin. During her early ages, she did a lot of things. Taking into account her good health and her body wellness, at the young age, she started to go in for sports. She was even playing football at the university she was studying.

But after that, she was lucky to start another carrier – modelling business and acting. After university graduation, Eva Marie got a specialization in Management. The path was not really long and she became of the most recognized female wrestler and fitness model. This woman is adored and loved both by men and women.
But everything has its cost, and if a woman trains a lot, her body become manlike, that is a popular thought of ordinary people, not involved in sports. But still, this may be so, if we’re to look at females in sport. Sometimes it seems that there is the only way out – plastic surgery, body and face transformations, and modifications. What do you think of this? Is it so necessary for women to change their looks and be “more feminine”? Some female wrestlers think so, too. And that is one of the common reasons to do some cosmetic surgery and ask experienced surgeons to make a miracle on celebrities’ faces and bodies. Nathalie, just like all the rest, used this method of alteration in the past. These changes may be highly visible on Eva Marie’s before and after photos, especially those ones taken a long time ago. As usual, there are lots of rumors and suppositions about some changes, as the celebrity has not talked about this topic and have had no confessions and revealing yet. But we are going to clear this out in this article.

Eva Marie – Before the Surgery and Alterations

Her early aspirations all were connected to sport and different fitness activities. As we already mentioned, the passion of her young age in the university was football playing and winning matches with her university team. She also was interested and actually made some performances in weightlifting field, when she was still young and known only by those surrounding her. So, these were the two main things in her life to concentrate on and pay attention to.

The main aim for her those years was to obtain strength, became more powerful and well-built. But looking at all those sportswomen she knew she didn’t want that type of body – too muscular and without big breast size. During her studies in the University of California, some people from a modelling agency, the representatives, got interested in her and decided to make her a shining star. So there comes the big start for this young lady. She became the face of sportswear, clothes and some products, devices, and tools designed for sport.

Years go by and this charming and strong woman starting to get the winning positions and lots of propositions of many people. Becoming more popular in the Hollywood she started some manager projects, acting in reality shows on TV and modelling. But this is the time of even greater possibilities and chances for Eva Marie. In 2013 she signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc and the days of hard work and training started. The most important thing is, her roaster debut took place in June of that year. All is well, but all the training in changing a woman body, transforming it in some way. The same happened to Eva Maria, as she was required, like all the other women in the WWE, several days per day. So the main changes were in body size, weight, breast size and also the overall look of her body became manlike. No one wants to hide their sexuality and femininity or be less attractive.
She took a part in a TV show called “Total Divas” where lots of female wrestlers, athletes and fitness women were taking part as well. She looked at all those bodies, so woman like an attractive and she wanted the same for herself.

Her next step was to sign a contract and deal with NXT battling group. And this is where the modifications start, as she was required to look more woman-like, comparing to her past looks. This caused to different changes in her life, starting from Eva Marie’s plastic surgery, alternating her body and appearance, ending with the taste in clothes, design, makeup and even hair color. Later she was a brunette before and after some years she changed her hair color into red. This looks nice and unique, which really fits her face and the overall look. All these fashionable items and clothes show a great job of stylists and Eva Marie herself.

Nose Job Modification Rhinoplasty Eva Marie Coyle

FOR TUESDAY: HEALTH & FITNESS. Eva Marie, portrait. Photo courtesy of WWE.

As it always happens, a fan that likes to look at before and after photos might notice a distinction in the appearance of the American model. And the rumors on the Internet began to spread all around. Is that supposition a truthful one? Eva Marie Coyle has never mentioned doing some plastic surgery on her face and she refuses to comment on this topic. So what do you think? Can you see any changes in her appearance? Take a look at her nose. Some photos have it bigger and wider, just a nose of an ordinary person with all the flaws and … ordinarily look. But the latest photos show another picture. Her nose really changed. It became thinner and more pointed, more gentle, fitting her better than before. The surgeons made a job indeed. And yet, no confirmations from the star made at all, even if the distinctions are so vivid and obvious.

Breast Size Augmentation and Enhancement Surgery

The other thing that becomes a topic for a discussion for many people, fans and followers is the size of her breast. Like anyone in the sport, it is normal for women to have a smaller size of the breast, that is caused by training, fat burning and earning the muscular type of the body.

But still, lots of female in sports do the surgery to make the breast look woman like and more “lush”. In order to create a right look and a perfect body, training is not enough. As you get of something and then earn something else. When Eva Marie Coyle for the first time was presented to the public by WWE, she almost didn’t have a good breast. Although later we can see some changes in time. In the past she had AA and now she is an “owner” of DD size. Is not that obvious? It is. There is no doubt in that breast job and implantations. Compare the photos of Eva Marie Coyle before and after photos of her body and you will observe the great difference. Although the star herself told about breast enhancement, so it is not a rumor anymore, it is an undeniable fact.

Cosmetic Method of Permanent Tanning Surgery

Looking at the latest photos of the model we can notice a beautiful tan on her body skin, and so there are a lot of her photos, showing her belly, legs, and arms. The tan is so smooth and spread throughout the whole body on the same intensiveness, that people become puzzled a little bit. So, is it just a tan gained at the beach or is it a cosmetic surgery, changing the color of your skin? There is a procedure like this, and it causes the modification in the body, connected with melanin. This color wouldn’t fade or change so easily, as some chemical methods and elements are used here. It looks like over tanning for some people and a bad idea of transformation of your body, but she is a model, first of all. So her body is the only thing that matters.

Changing continues: Kept Up Accumulation of Botox Shots

Every Hollywood star and every woman and man wants to be forever young. Nowadays when you look young on photos, you will be still in the limelight, until you became old and wrinkled. So, the healer and the helper of people, desperately searching for journalists’ attention, is the usage of Botox injections.

It goes without saying that the profession of a wrestler and a manager at the same time requires a lot of efforts as well as a stressful situation that influence the skin state. The face of people with stress are wrinkled and having lots of lines. Eva Marie’s face is perfect, smooth and young. She is young indeed – she is in her thirties and doesn’t really need all those shots. But as far as we can notice, before and after pics, she remains as beautiful as was at her twenty-one. What helps her to have such a smooth face? Maybe the answer may lie in the methods she is using, including plastic surgery and Botox shots. Do you believe in it?

The Ultimate Final and Overall Conclusion of Eva Marie’s Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries and Treatments

In general, we can understand the changes of Eva Marie and her wishes to transform her body and appearance. Having a profession like this one, she needs to keep fit, to be strong enough and still look like a perfect woman. There has to be a balance in the look and in the strength. That explains a lot of changes. But frankly speaking, comparing with other stars and celebrities of nowadays, it is important to say that Eva Marie does not so many cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Or is it just a good start of the transformation path of this young and pretty woman?
She chooses a hard carrier that takes lots of efforts and changes in life, it is a truth. Among the changes she did, we can notice plastic surgery on the nose, cosmetic methods of changing skin color and adding some tan to it and breast enhancement.

Some people think these transformations were not necessary as she is still young and beautiful, but if Eva Marie is ok with the body she chose and created herself – nothing else matter. We’ll live and see if she reveals some other procedures done so far, but now we have only photos comparing and our suppositions.

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