Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Face and Body Photos (Before & After)

Since youth, Ivanka Trump was quite popular in swell society. Nowadays every know woman as an elder child of a wealthy and prosperous 45th head of America. People look at her through green glasses and subscribe to a number of plastic surgeries.

We used to see Ivanka as a lady from the high life. Have you ever been so close to a head of the USA as she? Cameras flashes, paparazzi, red carpets, rumours, scandals and criticism, these aren’t an exotic for Ivanka. A progressive society likes to talk about successful and rich people.

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery is a top theme of gossips not only in the USA society. Ivanka is a frequent guest at different charity meetings, after parties, premieres and her every step is under a rough control of newspaper workers and paparazzi.

The whole world saw how she grew up in phycological and professional spheres. The girl was an ugly duckling and became a supermodel. First, she ventured in modelling business, then became a great schemer. Today Ivanka is a mother to two girls and a guy, an outstanding commerce writer and a superior businessperson.

Mrs Trump is a modern goodness. Woman has perfect shapes, a smooth skin and great perspectives. Many girls try to be analogues to celebrity in their mid-thirties and elder.

Is this grace a natural one or a result of plastic intervention?

Was Ivanka the surgery patient or this is other sordid rumours?

This article can dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Before/After Ivanka Trump Photos

The most appropriate way to check all prejudices and rumours is to examine her photos of different times. Ivanka Trump breasts, teeth, nose, colour of eyes, ears and buns. When we analyze all these features, we can answer the crucial abovesaid questions.

Here are results of Ivanka plastic surgery investigation:

She May Have Fake White Teeth & Veneers

When Ivanka was a teenager she wore braces because the girl had intervals between teeth. Today lady has an ideal smile without any defect. Some people can’t believe that this is a credit for braces.

Look at the first photo, Ivanka’s teeth aren’t smooth, white and straight. Blindingly obvious she has met with qualified dentists, who made her teeth ideal.

There is a guess that Ivanka is using porcelain dental veneers. If it is so, the dentist is a magician, he made impossible – turned crooked teeth into an ideal Hollywood smile.

Did Ivanka Have A Nose Job Or Not?

Another popular rumour that made a lot of noise in media is the Ivanka Trump nose job. It is said that the woman has changed the shape of nose. Paying attention to the first photo you will see that this nose is quite larger than the nose on the second photo.

The new nose looks neater and nicer than the previous. Look closer to the nasal bridge and nose tip. It is quite hard to say is it a natural change of age or a plastic surgery. The truth is open only to the family of the celebrity, and we can only guess. Nevertheless, we all know that nose’s shape doesn’t rather change within years.

What Happened To Her Sharp Chin?

When the girl has passed a child period, her body and face have drastically changed. One of the parts of teens face is a quite sharp and pointed chin. Some people tend to think that lady has a chin implant. Another think that she has reduced her chin a little. Now her face shape is a right oval – the most common shape of ideal women. You know that rumours don’t come out of nothing…

Ivanka tits have become the main rumour that is very debated in public. Different photos show us various effects. We can’t claim was there a surgical intervention or not. The size of boobs in the blue dress differentiates from the size in the red one. Pay more attention to Ivanka photos in different clothes, you see that every dress emphasizes her breast differently. Is it a trick of the eye or something more?

What is your opinion?

Are Ivanka Trump’s tits real or fake?

Incredible Ivanka’s Beauty Transformation

The previous photos made up to think that Ivanka Trump might pass several surgical interventions. However, we all know that camera can do tricks and show people in different ways. The best way to come closer to the truth is to address for photos called “Then & Now”. It will help us to see how Ivanka’s appearance has been changing within years.

Year 1991 – childhood

Ivanka Trump is the first child in the family of Donald and Ivana Marie Trump. When the girl was 10 years old, her parents got divorced. The girl has left with father and he gave her the best education ever. Donald tried his best to make his daughter a successful woman. Ivanka’s appearance was quite attractive in childhood – big deep eyes, straight blonde hair and thick rose lips. She looks pretty, doesn’t she?

This was the time when she started to develop her unique sense of style because she saw the fashion industry inside and out. Pay attention to the accessories that are on the girl, they go with her dress and a nice tiny bag. She was growing in a swell society that means that fashion was chasing her from the childhood.

Year 1996 – a teenager

Graduated from the school in Manhattan, the girl went to the next stage of education – a boarding school in Connecticut. At this time her father was celebrating 50th B-Day in the Trump Tower in New York. At the age of fifteen, she has already had good make up skills. Look how professionally she has emphasized her eyes. Since that time, she wears makeup even every day and does it is a right way.

Year 1997 – first steps in model business

Ivanka tried herself in modelling business as a former model, her studying didn’t suffer from it because she did it only in a free time. The first magazine with her photo on the front cover was the May issue of “Seventeen”. It was the only beginning of her celebrity way.

Year 1999 – top model

Ivanka Trump has become quite popular in a fashion industry. She worked with such brands as Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler. Also she was on a catwalk, demonstrating the Autumn/Winter collection of great Lolita Lempicka.

In 1999 Ivanka has turned into a stunning 18-year-old lady. Everything was perfect – height, slim body, long legs but some people said that her face wasn’t good for the fashion industry. Ivanka trump before plastic surgery didn’t look like a modern one.

Year 2000 – face peculiarities

Did you see that at every age Ivanka has cheeks? It doesn’t connect with her weight or other health measures. Nature makes everything in harmony and gives Ivanka plump lips that make her face look like a pear. She looks quite attractive, doesn’t she?

Year 2003 – changings

Where are the cheeks? Many people tend to think that they have gone thanks to the fat reduction surgery. Doctors might have taken the unnecessary fats from the chin and cheeks. After the procedure, the patient sees its cheekbones and a thin chin.

Maybe we are right about the fat reduction procedure, then rumours of chick implant are definitely wrong. Another operation may be made on the nose.

We could see some differences in Ivanka’s nose comparing the previous photos.

Year 2004 – education

Ivanka had a great education at Georgetown University, at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This year she graduated from the economic faculty and became a bachelor degree in Economics. It is a common belief that beauty is the only thing that woman needs but brains are important too. Ivanka is a good example of it! At once she is has a wonderful appearance and nice regular income.

Year 2006 – body changes

This year in New York Ivanka took part in the photo auction of a famous Francesco Scavullo. The woman has reached her maturity age and we see that Ivanka Trump boobs look very natural. Is it possible to have such tits after breeding three children?

Year 2007 – plastic surgery

Ivanka was a guest of the after party of the Golden Globes. There she appeared in an elegant white one-shoulder dress. By the unaided eye, we see that Ivanka Trump tits are much bigger than earlier. People began to talk that she has made a breast implantation.

Here is a detailed photo.

In those days Ivanka was a woman of the world. She attended a lot of parties, events and meeting. Paris Hilton was a good friend of Ivanka. They had similarities in their makeup styles.

Nevertheless, makeup was simple but at the same time very gorgeous and practical.

Ivanka Trump boob job helped her to get into the Maxim Hot 100 list. And a year later she was in a hundred on the Askmen.com. This time she was very popular in the society.

Year 2009 – wedding

This year was special in Ivanka and Jared lives. The wedding is a special event for every woman and Ivanka Trump isn’t an exception. Lovers celebrated it in a Jewish style. We can guess that she has lost several kilos before the wedding. On the photo we see no cheeks and a bright jawline. Diet or something else – it doesn’t matter, Ivanka looks wonderful.

Ivanka is the proud owner of a nice neck. People with long neck could wear any type of jewellery, even the necklace doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Year 2011 – a fashion line

A young couple was waiting for a firstborn child Arabella Rose. The pregnancy didn’t leave any additional kilo on Ivanka boobs and hips. Notwithstanding that Ivanka had Arabella in her tummy, she still promoted her clothes, bags, accessories and shoes with Nordstrom.

Year 2013 – eye colour

In 2103 at the age of 32, Ivanka receives an invitation to the Fashion Week that is organized by Mercedes-Benz. Ivanka believes that eyes are the window to the soul. That’s why she likes to use classical eyeliners and long eyelashes, besides it, she wears colourful eye lenses.

Look at the previous photos, eyes have different shades and colours.

Year 2015 – ideal face

This photo was taken on the 25th Anniversary Women of The Year. Look closely at the photos, she doesn’t have any sign of age changes. Her face is ideal – no wrinkles, pimples and freckles, just a smooth and tight skin. We could suspect her in a good skin treatment, exercises and secure lifestyle.

She is just 34 and serious face lifting procedures are still so far from her. Ivanka has wonderful creams that help her to stay young and beautiful. Hope that they will help her as long as it possible.

Year 2016 – voluptuous lady

Ivanka Trump is 35, she is in the pride of her youth. She is an impressive, gorgeous and hot woman. In New York, as a guest of the 2016 Met Gala Held, Ivanka Trump is wearing red lipstick and a trendy hairstyle. She looks very hot and sexy.

Year 2017 – real or fake boobs

It is still a mystery are Ivanka boobs real or not. Ivanka has a great curve of the body. Her boobs look nice and easy. Has she done a surgical operation or not, nevertheless, they are perfect.

They look quite tough, hope her husband is satisfied …

Year 2018 – still perfect

It doesn’t mean was a year hard or not, Ivanka looks perfect anyway. Everything is in a harmony – face and soul, body and spirit. She looks natural and we don’t see any traces of real serious surgery intervention.

It might be a right diet, secure life, high-quality creams and decorative cosmetic or just nice genes.

More Common Information About Ivanka Trump

Not everybody knows that Ivanka’s full name is Ivanka Maria Trump. She was born on October 30, 1981, under the sign of Scorpio in Manhattan. During her life, she has realized her potential in model business, design industry, literature and business. She earns about 3 billion dollars per year. Ivanka is an American but her ancestors were from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Scotland. The woman has a wonderful family. Three great children Arabella, Theodore, Joseph and a thoughtful husband Jared. Ivanka has ideal proportions – 180 m/63 kg, breast 34D, dress – 6, shoes – 10. Her hair is blonde and eyes are light brown.

What Do Professional Plastic Surgeons Think About Ivanka’s Appearance?

Dr Dan Marsh has commented the above photos with the next words:

There is a great possibility that Ivanka Trump had an operation on her nose. As an evidence – at the first photo we can see a tiny scam. Look at her perfect no defect teeth, she could wear cosmetic veneers. It wasn’t a crucial surgery intervention. And I can say that this made her more beautiful. I think that the best surgeons were working with Ivanka.

Dr Dev Patel from Portsmouth claims that the present wife of Donald Trump spent minimum 14 thousand dollars on cosmetic surgery.

Ivanka Trump never lends credence to the rumours about her face surgery intervention, nevertheless, a lot of women tend to be like Ivanka and get plastic surgery.

A cosmetic surgeon Dr Franklin Rose in his interview to ABC affirmed that his clients asked to make them look like Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka is in a good shape and very gorgeous woman. It is an ideal of a woman in 30s.

Patients of Dr Norman Rowe asked him to make them similar with Ivanka. “Ivanka look” – enlarged cheekbones, short nose, wide opened eyes. This new notion was made thanks to women who wanted to look like Ivanka.

Some of his clients were ready to spend for $30,000 to 40,000 (American dollars) for Botox and fillers. Others could leave $45,000 to 50,000 (American dollars) for cheek implants and a nose job.

The surgeon was asked a question about the appearance of Donald Trump, Page Six wanted to know was he ever asked to make somebody like Mr President…

No one at his practice asked him to be turned into Donald Trump.


Conclusion of beauty

When Ivanka was a child she looked in one way, then she grew up and some features have changed. It is quite hard to say were these nature changes or a cosmetic surgery. It is generally known fact that every person looks quite different in youth and adulthood.

All photos have shown us that some plastic surgery had the place in Ivanka Marie’s life. She might have some operations on her nose, cheeks, chin, teeth even boobs. Some parts of the body were enlarged, others reduced. If it is so, everything is made at the highest level.

It is up to you to decide are these rumours right or not.

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