Has Jennifer Aniston Had Plastic Surgery? Surely It is Possible!

If to ask an average film-goers what American actress is of the most popular and expensive, great many spectators will immediately think about Jennifer Aniston. She is really successful not only for her roles in the movies but for her nice look. However, there is in the air that the actress dealt with plastic surgery to make the appearance more perfect.

Everyone remembers the main part in a real TV breakthrough “Friends” which brought Jennifer Aniston to a higher level. Since that time her film-list never ends from “Bruce Almighty” to “Horrible Bosses”. Gradually Jennifer achieved an international fame and the more she became popular, the more questions concerning “natural gifts” of the face and body arrive. Reflections on nose modifications, possible chin intervention, boob implants are still going on.

Such kind of gossip are felt even more recently today after ideas of actress’s visits to correlating surgery specialists without telling to anyone. The actress would like to prolong the youth, so face-lifting, treatments with laser or botox procedures are most possible.

Thus, the question is if all these rumors are true or not? The only way out to know is to make your own investigation using before and after photos.

Before & After Photos: they are rather curious!

Then, Jennifer Aniston and her relationships with plastic surgery are worth considering below. To find out about possible transformation, analyses on before and after pictures between ordinary life and popularity are curious and strongly recommended. Thus, these pictures have been revealed publicly.Exclusive pictures to compare? – Why not!

Did Jennifer Aniston Have A Nose Job: visual attraction is not bad?

The major part of film-goers believe that for improving the shape of the nose Jennifer undertook some procedures of plastic surgery. Pictures, made before the fame make us think about it. For instance, photo supposed to be “before” period where bridge of the nose is visually wide and the tip has “the sponge effect”. If to address the picture after the certain level of career, the bone seems to be thinner and the tip – more sharp.

Despite the possession of some “baby fat”, this comparison demonstrates a certain contrast of the two noses. Most probably that Jennifer Aniston created some nose job to make certain parameters belong to different areas.

Has Jennifer Had A Boob Job? Another curious topic!

The breasts of the celebrity have been a subject to discuss for a certain period. Many suppose that the boobs are not genuine taking into consideration before and after photo of the needed kind.  The early created picture witnesses Jennifer’s chest much flatter than in the later phase. As compared to the fresher one, some increasing of the cup size visually took place.

Concerning the question about possible breast implantation, it is hardly true as there is no such an affect in the pictures. But a boob lift for give a bust size more volume. By the way, there are the other variants of such procedures, for instance, fat grafting, a bit differently, just for the same purpose.

What About Her Chin: to be for implants or not to be?

Our famous woman was always noticeable for such facial detail, like chin. It really overalls the shape of the face in its own way. Some of Aniston’s admirers think that during the period of great success the actress organized an implant of chin.

Nevertheless, the first images of the woman show the growing of the prominent chin. This leads to speculations on plastic surgery aimed at chin reduction. Such kind of procedure helps to decrease the size of the chin to give more aesthetics. Also, there arrived an idea about Jennifer – performing just a bit of chiseling.

Does Jennifer Use Botox Injections? For the sake of beauty everything is possible!

Studying the image from the early period photo, it occurs to us that skin on the face is no longer elastic, and  the presence of the wrinkles starts to spoil the areas of eyes, forehead and mouth. But staring at another picture, you get an impression of imperfection disappearance and of some puffy look especially close to the cheeks.Having looked through the both pictures, one can conclude the usage of special fillers – botox and xeomin – which are decent assistants of reducing wrinkles and unnecessary lines.

Did She Have A Facelift? It is not excluded!

The examples given really demonstrate that Jennifer Aniston has gained a plumped and puffed face. Later photos witness the skin that became visually tighter, so facial lifting procedures, including the brows led to tightening some parts of the face.

Jennifer’s Beauty Transformation: main points and results

The most curious in terms of possible procedures done is to follow the celebrity’s image and pictures through the years. Just careful control of make-up and hair style, face expressions, shape of her body. In between, closer look at some possible modifications will result to a more concrete opinion if any of them really happened.

Early Years

Let’s begin with an exclusive picture of young school-girl Jennifer Aniston of 12. We can’t say that the shot is of really good quality, but there is one thing seen for sure – nose is rather round and bulky in its tip area.

Year 1990

This period was famous for initial point of film career. Here it was “Camp Cucamonga” where 21-year-old old Jennifer seemed like a baby with some fat on the cheeks. She even got at that time a nickname “pillow face”.

Year 1994

This year was really important for our celebrity’s further fame. She got a part on a TV hit “Friends”. At that time Jennifer still demonstrates her nose of “teenager look”. If the nose job really happened, then this is one of the latest pictures just before the intervention.

Besides, the presence of big chin gives a soil to discussion of possible using of implants for having the form of long face.

Year 2000

Two years before the actress was a girl-friend of Brad Pitt. Their romance ended up with the marriage. As for Jennifer’s appearance, many people admired her long hair style which matched her really well.

Year 2003

The year marks the attendance in the first night of “Bruce Almighty” made in Hollywood. The actress’s hair of brown palette with the outfit of natural breast look are really impressive. If she happened to do something with the boobs, t hadn’t been before, but surely a bit later.

Year 2005

After 5 years of marriage, Aniston and Pitt declared of their separation. The pictures of the period tell that the actress became a bit skinnier in attendance the film arrival “Derailed” in New York. What is for sure – no cheek reduction of liposuction procedures.

Year 2007

The divorce was got over and the relations of the ex-husband with Angelina Jolie were accepted. Then, Jennifer was involved into film production. She won a prestigious prize as “Favorite Movie Star”. As for looks, one can’t but follow some busty features of the breasts. On the one hand, it is not very logical for a lady to turn to plastic surgeries after splitting. But it is also possible and everyone can decide it personally.

Year 2010

ve look at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. Jennifer sparkles in a small black dress and high heels, showing natural beauty of the body, with no sign of lipo or tummy tuck. Reflection of effective diet and a way of way is more evident than of the plastic surgery.

Year 2014

Can you imagine Jennifer Aniston totally without cosmetics and moreover, with a scar on the face? Just have a look at the picture given. Fortunately, it is done for purpose – for a new movie work, and the scar is not genuine.

The picture reveals a kind of double chin here, maybe because of camera position or just natural weight gaining. Also, neck is a place of wrinkle concentration, so it is not excluded to see some neck lifting in the nearest future.

Year 2016

Plenty of votes for Jennifer Aniston as the most beautiful lady in the world based on People Magazine had their own reason. A woman–party from head to foot, with sparkling eyes and the breasts which are hardly to be fake. All the mood of the photo denies this fact.  

Year 2017

Attending Vanity Far Oscar Party held in Beverly Hills in California attracted “many eyes” . Also, there are no concrete proofs on filling of the lips or making correlating injections. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to reflect about it at the face studying…

Year 2018

Current year is connected with the parting of 3-year-marriage of Jennifer and her husband Justin Therous. During these years the couple didn’t have their own children or adopted ones. Maybe this fact led to such nicely-shaped body preserved for many years.

Looking through the face again, we don’t exclude the possibility of its lifting. Some skin stretching is rather evident here. Jen, coming soon to her 50th anniversary, probably uses enough some anti-age products and treatments, for instance, with the help of laser or dermal way.

More Information About Jennifer Aniston: some personal data

The real name of our celebrity today is Jennifer Joanna Aniston, who will be 50 in 2019. She was born in Sherman Oaks, near Los Angeles, zodiac sign is Aquarius. Though she is American, ethnically the actress has a mix of Greek, English, Italian, Irish and Scottish origin. Jennifer with net worth of 200 million dollars a year, is involved in producing, directing of the film, favorite actress position and some business activities. She was married twice, no children and now- separated. Nice brunette with blue grey eyes with a standard height and perfect parameters.


So, after all pictures analyses, Jennifer Aniston can be described like a real babe in most moments of her life. Looking attentively at the images before and after the fame, there comes some ideas concerning plastic surgery. It can’t be excluded from reality, moreover the actress can surely afford it.Chronologically speaking, some minimum alteration of the nose was seen. Then adding increased n volume breasts, though deprived of silicon or salines. As for some chin modification, one can think of reducing, and not of augmentation.Before and after shots, analyzing the face, undertaking its lifting is most probable. Fillers of botox are not out of the question: presence of puffiness and half a century’s arrival are the main reason for it. Now, after our discussion, it is up to you to decide about possible cosmetic improvements and modifications even not mentioned in this article.

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