Kim Taeyeon before & after SNSD group

If you are concerned in Korean performers, definitely you know a group of incredible girls, called SNSD (소녀시/Girls Generation). And of course, most people have identified a leader here and in our case this is Kim Taeyeon. Well, who, if not the fetching leader of the group, is received a huge number of various questions, especially those associate with the plastic surgery. Many enchanting Korean girls and, of course, she is gifted with beautiful appearance, so you just look at her wonderful nose, gorgeous eyes. Of course, such a beauty fans (from Japan, Korea, America, the UK and other countries) appreciate.

Kim Taeyeon before & after

There can be not many knows where Kim’s creative way was started. However, many, of course, are aware that in 2004, the audition of the beautiful singer, and the well-known company SM Entertainment gave her a ticket to amazing star life (it was Taeyeon SNSD). Definitely many of you have watched the popular cartoon “Despicable Me”, but not many people know that Kim Tae Yong voiced the hero of this cartoon (in the Korean version), and she also works on TV shows, it’s various kind of programs.

With such external data and a breathtaking sense of style, like this handsome singer, fans just could not find out: what is the secret of such a charming beauty? And without any thinking, many will say that it was probably SNSD plastic surgery (Reno-and blepharoplasty, plastic surgery of breast), and it may be some cosmetic modifications, such as Botox injections, lip augmentation…

Everyone’s interested, isn’t it? If it’s so, then stay with us and let’s try to figure it out together!

Photos of Kim Tae-yong before & after

Kim Taeyeon before & after plastic surgery

You probably often wondered what Taeyeon looked like before the whole world saw her beauty. Maybe is it because of any surgical intervention? You ask. So let’s look together at the photos that we were able to find, and answer all the interesting questions!

Stars Childhood

It was a time when Kim Taeyeon was very small, she is five y.o. And we all know the peculiarities of Korean appearance: not quite expressed double eyelid. So let’s not pass by this fact, who knows, maybe it will be useful further.

Korean girl’s school years

And this is a fun school time, look at the girl in school uniform. Kim Taeyeon is not very clearly visible in this photo, but not even the most attentive will notice her clear chin line.

Pre-Debut of the singer

Here is an image of Kim Taeyeon, the most loyal fans have probably guessed that it was made at the time when the celebrity was studying at the Academy starlight Sm entertainment. Here you can pay attention to her nose: in the area of the bridge of her nose and the tip is quite wide. However, it should be noted her wonderful smile and straight teeth, with such beauty, it is unlikely to resort to the help of cosmetic dentistry.

The Vocalist: 2007

This year she was eighteen y.o., but it was already the first time when she performed in the team with SNSD. However, this is not all, because thanks to her talent in the eighteen-year-old girl with beautiful curls and straight bangs became the main vocalist of this musical group.

The Singer: 2008

Oh, look how cute it is: a photo shoot Kim Taeyeon and girls with a lollipop. In this photo, you can probably see very well that there are no changes with her chin or the nose. So go ahead…

As for the hair: 2009

Loyal fans will remember this amazing happening: there was the Golden Disk Awards at that time. There are that most of the girls envied the cool bronze hair tone Taeyeon, especially by the time this young star was already twenty y.o.. We all grow up and stretch out, look at her cheeks: she lost weight or is it not without the intervention of surgeons? What do you think about?

Football: 2010

This time, Kim Tae-yeon are singing to the audience on the football field. But look at her body: she does not seem to be a high model, but looks very beautiful and proportional.

Of course, we can’t ignore her boobs, as we know, the size of her bra is 32 A, it goes well with her body. Or maybe it’s breast implants or not? We’ll find out.

A Concert: 2011

At that time, the singer performed at the Valkyrie Concert, she obviously changed her hair color, it became more golden maybe. You remember that we said we would go back to the peculiarities of Korean appearance, so. .. Look at this picture eyelids became better visible, maybe it’s SNSD plastic surgery, don’t you think that it’s the work of a plastic surgeon? However, it looks very harmonious, good work!

A Wonderful skill: 2012

This is KBS and here is Taeyeon was packed to form a sub girls group “TS” with other participants Seohyun and Tiffany. And there we can’t see any Taeyeon plastic surgery. I think you are not surprised by this fact, because the gorgeous celebrity has an unusual voice, it is immediately clear why she was entrusted to perform “Take a bow”.

Kim: 2013 year

At that time, Kim Taeyeon and Jessica forced to worry their fans, but not worth the worry, because work by work and Dream Concert will be. Again, look at the beautiful body of the singer, there is no SNSD plastic surgery, a terrific muscle press, she definitely does not need any lifting.

No makeup: 2014

Everyone is interested to look at the idols without their usual makeup on the face, and here we found a picture from an airport. She doesn’t look her age, you say…

Then look at the picture where Kim is with daily care. You, of course, see the difference, and she’s experimenting with hair color again, just look, maybe it’s a result of breakup with Baekhyun?

Headway: 2015

In that time, Kim released his music album called “I”, which immediately became successful in her career. But there are always pitfalls, we found a video for you… Watch and you can understand why MTV noticed Taeyeon plastic surgery (her blepharoplasty).

Hair again: 2016 year

You probably are not surprised to see Kim with a new hair color, but look she has cut them! It’s incredible, so simple and so fresh. The hair color was become much lighter, here, of course, cannot do without painting the eyebrows…

Curls: 2017 year

That was girls generation Taeyeon, the meeting with fans in IFC Mall, of course, the singer had to surprise it’s her new hair, you just look at these cute curls! It seems we are looking at the hair, and there is more interesting than her hairstyle… It seems that the upper lip has become more sensual, isn’t it the hands of cosmetologists? Most likely, it is just injections of hyaluronic acid.

Hard time: 2018

The singer has experienced many unpleasant events, such as the loss of jonghyun and dreams with Wiz Khalifa, Taeyeon. But now she smiles, although this year was hard… Well done, keep it up!

So, it seems that we have forgotten something. .. Oh, yes, how we did not try but we have not been able to find any changes related to Taeyeon nose, so we will not trust the gossips.

Keep More Data about her:

  • Her Name: Kim Tae-yeon
  • Korean Name: 김태연
  • Day&place-of-Birth: 9th March 1989, South Korea
  • Specialization: Singer, Dancer, Model and TV-Presenter
  • Net Worth: $8 ml
  • Her nationality is South Korean
  • Relationship status&children: Single, she hasn’t
  • Celebrity’s height: 158 cm
  • Wt: 46 kilo
  • Her parameters: 34-23-33 inches
  • Size of the bra singer: 32A
  • Hair Color: Black (natural)
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown

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So what about Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery? So, we did a lot of work with you, saw a lot of her awesome photos, but definitely found too little modifications.

Probably the most visible is, of course, blepharoplasty. But at one of the pictures we noticed an increase in the lips, but do not think that it was some kind of operation, probably it’s just an lips injections.

Well, the most exciting topic, it’s as for rhinoplasty, maybe you can see that her nose has remained unchanged since childhood. Also, her body has not changed in size, there was only Taeyeon weight loss, it also applies to her boobs and fantastic hips. Oh, we forgot to mention Botox, but that’s probably because we didn’t find any evidence using it.

So what did you decide about Kim’s cosmetic manipulation?


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