Kylie Jenner, plastic surgeries before and after Metamorphosis

We can’t argue Kylie Jenner’s oomph, but it wasn’t that easy for a reality TV star to become who she is right now. Let’s face it: it was plastically painful, and she never stops answering to those who flash out on her because of her obvious unnatural changes. But, growing up in a public eye, you get used to constant whispers behind your back whenever you do something, whatever this is.

Kylie Jenner once told in the interview for ES Magazine (which was taken by her famous sis Kim) that she has nothing against plastic procedures. But she still refrained from any claims on her own changes: she didn’t admit changing her nose and her breasts, but noted that if your new appearance makes you feel good, then nobody can blame you for that.The only admitted thing was lip implants, which Kylie started having in her teens. This helped a lot: there is not a person in the whole world right now who doesn’t know the famous plump lips of Kylie Jenner. Her sincerity about this matter makes us question something else: what happened to her other body parts? The opinion of the audience is resolute: they have the immediate evidence of breast and bum implants. The same happened to Kim Kardashian, so could it be the deal here?

Before & After Photos

To single out specific cosmetic procedures Kylie has undergone, let’s parallel her before & after photos. If there is something inconsistent and unnatural, we will try hard not to miss it.

Did She Go For a Rhinoplasty?

There were times when Kylie mentioned how content she is with the way her nose looked like. Perhaps these words were said to put the rumors of rhinoplasty to rest, but it didn’t work. And we can see why: the nose contour was different as well as the size. You can see that overall nose, including the bridge and the tip, was a lot more massive. It somehow narrowed afterwards.But, who knows, whether it’s a real nose job or a sufficient makeup handling. Don’t forget she’s got a whole business industry from the ground based specifically on cosmetics!

Does Kylie Jenner Have Bum Implants?

The Kardashians are pointblank famous for the size of her butts, but, according to Kylie herself, she fully understands that her bottom is not the one everyone is talking about. But, even so, it doesn’t mean nobody talks about it at all! For all that she doesn’t mind boasting her measurements on social networks, offering her followers the topic for a loud and intricate discussion. Kylie made a comment only once: she denied any chance of butt lift or an implant, claiming it was nothing more than Spanx work. Looking at the visual comparison, how do you think: can we believe her claim?

Did Kylie Have Boob Implants?

Getting a boob job looks like an obedience if you’re planning to stay a TV personality for the rest of your life, but Kylie Jenner doesn’t really think so. In fact, she even filmed a video for Snapchat, trying to shut all the critics up. According to the link, she manages to achieve this cup size with the help from Victoria Secret Bombshell bra. She’s almost praying to this underwear item: she even claimed she bought the same bra all of her close friends.But a specialist of ours from London had to take only a single look to say that the smallest Kardashian does have breast implants. According to him, her cleavage is contoured way too well.

Did She Have An Eyelid Operation?

Kylie Jenner is so devoted to her idea of a magical touch of makeup that she’s got a business industry around it, but it doesn’t mean her fans would forget about her gaze as about one of the most major talk points. Right now, her eyes take much more significant place on her face – perhaps because of a lift. Their contours also changed.We know Kylie explains all of this with nothing but “it’s only eyelashes”, but… somehow, it’s unlikely that it’s nothing more than fake lashes.

What Happened to Kylie’s Face?

All the experts agree on one matter: Kylie Jenner did have plastic surgeries on her face. How else could you explain that her previous look successfully evaporated? Her face line is much more refined now, and nothing steals our attention. It is rumored to be achieved through face Botox in her cheeks.Kylie defended herself in the interview for Cosmo. She told the magazine that the only thing to blame is people’s expectations from her as from a yesterday kid. Now she’s a grown up woman who knows how to do wonders with makeup. If so, then she’s a master in this, it’s unarguable.

Has Kylie Jenner Had Botox?

Thanks God, Kylie never denied lip fillers in her mouth, even though they are temporary. And the difference is reasonably significant – when she was a kid, her lips were a bit small, drowning in her large chin. Now they appear to be in the right proportion, but the public still doesn’t get it, claiming that her lips look too unnatural.

What About Her Teeth?

During her growing up, you could suspect Kylie Jenner’s smile wouldn’t shine in front of the cameras: her teeth weren’t sparkling and her mouth, as already stated, was too small. Now her smile, even though she doesn’t let much of it, shined bright exactly like a diamond. Kylie explained what did she use to have this smile, but experts say she’s got something under her sleeve. Dental veneers, perhaps. By the way, Kendal Jenner also wore braces during her childhood, but nobody knows about Kylie’s teeth anyway.

Kylie’s Changes

Of course, lately Kylie’s cosmetic metamorphosis amass her the interest among the public, but the people in it followed her actions from her childhood literally. That means that everybody saw how much she changes, and the nature of it.

Early Childhood

Looking at these tiny babes, you’re almost sure they can perform in “Swan Lake” right now. Kylie is smiling in the photo: you can guess then she was quite joyful at that time. And she already had big eyes, even though she didn’t think that someday they will become her favorite body part.

Year 2007: career starts

In 2007, she first appeared on a family show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” showing her face before everything changed completely. Back then, she had narrow lips and longer face shape.

Year 2008: fashion concerns

During her middle school, Kylie experimented with her hairstyle, trying on colored locks, and this indeed matched her age. We surely understand that Kylie is fully aware of what’s awaiting for her in the future, so she tries being stylish in advance.

Year 2009: a chubby teen

We’ve all been there. We looked at our photos and thought that we were really fat back then. And, the truth is, the same happened to the formidable Jenners!

Year 2010: becoming a woman

As she craved for further TV promotion from the very start, Kylie knew exactly what to look like to stay trendy. At this time she probably looked the most natural during all of her career. Her lips are still thin and her dental line doesn’t look very much healthy, but that changes nothing in her beauty.

Year 2011: finding a way to use makeup

Kylie continued her show-biz education with trying to handle makeup means, starting from choosing a teenage lipstick. She did it well, but her jaw, indeed, looked prominent, which Kylie always noticed herself. Afterwards, she admitted to use cosmetics to build her face the way she wants to… but we can’t say if she thought about reducing her jawline plastically someday.

Year 2013: boob implants?

The top Kylie is wearing in this picture did a great job of showing us she’s not a sweet teenager anymore, but we can’t be sure of the certain reason. Is it a push-up effect or an obvious sign of getting breasts implants? Her hair is messy as well, and it looks nothing short of hot, but reminds us of her elder sister, Kim, somehow.

Year 2014: biological makeover?

It’s hard to recall a person who would get more accusations and speculations than Kylie Jenner on that very day when she showed her new face to the public. The first allegation covered her lips, as they looked much chubbier then before. The second thing everyone was interested in was her eyelids that became much bolder and impressive. Perhaps the deal is eyelashes: it was the first time Kylie went out with them, showing off the importance of caring about your gaze so much that you wouldn’t stop from getting eyelashes. If you see a woman with fake eye lashes on her eyes right now, you can surely tell this trend was partly set by that very Kylie Jenner.

Year 2015: Botox?

In 2015, Kylie’s skin was almost shining like bronze, rising speculations about possible Botox injections. She’s still too young to have wrinkles, but it still doesn’t mean her face needs to stay that round and square. What’s so plump about her cheeks? If it’s not for Botox, then what?

Her new nose here emerges in the public eye for the first time as well. The changes covered her bridge and the shape of the tip. Next to her plump luscious lips, we can say that after this Kylie Jenner reached new level of beauty standards.

Year 2016: liposuction rumors

Kylie adores dressing up in a way that attracts attention to her body, and this outfit is the evidence. People were gazing at her legs and her eye-candy breasts, although the major talking point was her stomach… it’s quite plain, isn’t it? Perhaps after fat grafting procedure?

Year 2017: pregnancy time

When people started talking about Kylie and Travis Scott’s baby on the way, the future mother published a pic with her massive body proportions – all thanks to hormones chop and change… well, is that so? We wouldn’t say butt and breast enlargements are out of the question.

Year 2018: hot mama of a newborn

After her successful labor (Kylie had a girl Stormi Webster) she first appeared at Met Gala 2018, inviting attention to her perfect body… almost nobody believed Kylie had it after tiring exercises or diets. They were sure in liposuction, and who are we to judge?

More About Kylie Jenner:

If you never heard about Kylie Jenner, she’s one of the famous Kardashians, which means she gained fame very early of age. She was born on 10th August, 1997 in Los Angeles, but already makes 50$ Million per year and manages to appear on a TV screen, in modeling business and in social media too. She gives all of her money to Stormi Webster – her daughter from Travis Scott, born on 1st February, 2018. Despite this, the official relationship status of Kylie Jenner is unknown, as she and Travis had some tiffs and broke up a few months later after the girl’s birth.

Her natural appearance includes dark brown hair and hazel eyes, her body measurements are 36-26-36. She wears 34D-bras, 8US dresses and 8US shoes. She’s 1,68 m high and weighs 60 kilos.


By everything we discovered, we can say that most of the items from plastics-to-do list were mentioned. Kylie doesn’t hide her Botox injections and, even though she isn’t just as sincere about her face overall and eyes, you better believe professionals from the field.

Even so, Kylie Jenner won’t be able to get away from all this rumors during her career that just took off. Looking at her face and its changes, people will inevitably be questioning her appearance and the percentage of natural and artificial in it. But, perhaps, Kylie loves it as it is.

The only thing the beauty experts agree on is how well-placed Kylie’s plastic operations are. Yes, her body and her face change completely, but it never makes her deformed or ugly. She’s trying to make her beauty and her unique appearance her signature, and if it’s not a smart work on your image, we don’t know what is.

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