Lana Del Rey. Rumors or true? Plastic surgery of celebrity on her nose and lips?

Lana Del Rey, a woman, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, became a famous and admired person in the United States of America, as well as in abroad countries and throughout the whole world.

Born on June 21, 1985, this talented young woman started her carrier relatively early, in 2005 and previously, when she was only 18 years old, Lana Del Rey wrote her own unique songs and lyrics for them, and also she was earning money doing some modelling at that time. But then, some years later, the fame came to her only after the single “Video games” released in 2011.

Nevertheless, her personality is popular and, as we know, everyone is concerned with the lives of celebrities. Many of fans and followers are usually puzzled by the appearances and looks of their role models. And this is also true to Woolridge Grant, who is not an exception. If one sees before and after photos, may ask a natural question – did she make any plastic surgery cosmetic changes and transformations to the appearance and body? It is interesting indeed, if you like comparing now and then photos, you will notice the difference. And we are going to discover this, confirm or refute the rumors.

Lana Del Rey cosmetic surgery – true or false?

A lot of people are confused about seeing pictures of Woolridge when she was younger and almost unknown, and the recent ones, before and after, when she became a real shining star.

Lip Filler Botox injections and change

If we looked at old photos, we would see ordinary lips of an ordinary woman. But when we look at Elizabeth’s pics now, we see full and juicy lips, especially the upper lip. So, what is the cause of these changes? This may be caused by fillers and Botox injections, as well as collagen fillers. Do you think it is true? It is, believe it or not.

Nose plastic surgery rhinoplasty

Another modification supposition or the real truth? In the past, the nose of the celebrity was bigger and wider: just a regular typical nose. But nowadays it looks thinner and more pointed, having a different shape. So, it is obvious here, just go and compare Lana Del Rey before and after photos, with the difference in time and you will see the vivid difference concerning this body modification. Her nose looks not only thinner, but also it fits more harmonically to her face. And the surgeons made a great job, as her appearance became unique and sophisticated, no doubts in that!

But still are a lot of fans that don’t like such transformations. Some people think it would be better for her to preserve her natural beauty. She is still young and from the very beginning, attractive woman, who doesn’t need any changes. Some think she had to wait some more years for the plastic surgery because her face was great just as it was before. Woolridge Grant plastic surgery is obvious. But to defend this young lady, we should also notice she is not the only one transforming her face, body and appearance by using fillers, injections and implants. Nowadays it looks just normal to change your nose shape or size or to modify your lips form as well.

Breast implants modification

The other type of body transformation lots of celebrities like – is the breast enhancement. Nowadays it is not strange or unique almost every woman in show business has breast implants. But did Lana Del Rey do some plastic surgery here, too? Lana before and after are different, so even here? A lot of people are interested in the answer because they want to know the “real” issues and wishes of the star. So, the answer might be “not likely”, as when comparing Lana Del Rey before and after photos, we wouldn’t see much differences. The size of her bust stays the same, so no worries here.

But lots of people still think, that the plastic surgery she did is just a beginning, so it would not be a surprise to see that body part transformed too. Many celebrities don’t know where to stop in their obsessive wish to be adored and so, they do cosmetic surgery and use other methods to stay unique and unforgettable in their own way.
Is that strange? Not really. Go and take a look at all those faces of the Hollywood. The main question is: “Is the modification look nice and harmonically?” If the answer is yes, no more talks then.

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