Did Marie Osmond Call For Plastic Surgery?(Before & After Photos)

If TV-shows and music of 70s somehow ring the bell for you, then Marie Osmond’s name sounds familiar to you. She rose to fame not only because she sang brightly, but also because she followed the fashion of her time and managed to stay sexy at unstable times of sexual revolutions and experiments with your looks… Unfortunately, that always brings up the matter of any kind of cosmetic jobs, whenever they were made.

She is mostly known as a country musician, but was also a TV-host (rather prosperous, you might say) and had a show about her own family! She didn’t elude the opportunity to hit the Broadway stage: she made an appearance in massive hits like “The Sound of Music” and “The King and I”.

It seems that her fans simply can’t put it together: how can ONE woman have so many gifts?

Look, her boobs are the ones that every woman would die for, and that’s not a secret. But what is questionable is the nature of these boobs. Are they actually real? To find out, let’s look through Osmond’s old pictures to point out any other specific features of her appearance. And then, we will see how Hollywood changed her – well, if it did.

Before & After Fame Photos

The best way for answering the questions on any kind of facial or body changes is to look at them throughout the years.  We’ll have a look at every part of her face and body to at least suspect what would she do to her body, if she wanted.

Possible Changes In Her Upper Teeth & Gum

In early shots, her smile always offers a clear view of her gum and upper teeth, which you can’t say about the recent ones. And her lips while laughing, look completely different from how they did before. That puts a possibility of gum contouring operation – the one held when braces don’t help. Whoever’s work that is, it’s perfectly professional: her smile is really striking and alluring, isn’t it?

Has Marie Osmond Had Boob Job?

The evidence of Marie NOT augmenting her boobs

The first picture on the left shows our country star during her youth. You can surely say it’s not the time when puberty completely got over her, but her boobs, indeed, are very large already. Well, if you look at the right picture, they DO look bigger, but it doesn’t necessarily mean surgery. Remember, she still had time for growth and reached this level – which is satisfying enough to claim she did not have her boobs augmented.

Possible nose operation?

In comparison with the shape of her nose before, the difference is huge. The nose bridge was quite wider, and the nose itself had a round shape. But the nasal tip, vice versa, looks bigger. Nostrils’ size is reduced as well. This is an obvious sign of her having done a nose job at some point of her life – when exactly, we’ll find out later.

Let’s Look At Her Aesthetic Changes During Her Career

We do suspect that Osmond called for some surgery help to boost her natural beauty… but when did it take place? Let’s look at her photos from the start of her career until today – and make an obvious conclusion.

Year 1977: the career starts

You don’t see young country musicians that often – but here, in this lavender dress, she is as young as any beginning musician would be. Marie Osmond could definitely attract attention and refresh the American stages: her porcelain skin looks soft and smooth, her eyes are big and haunting. This appearance was made at American Music Awards: these are the times of her debut album, Paper Roses, hitting charts right from 1973.

Year 1980: cinematography career starts

In these now-old-fashioned jeans, you can still say she was quite slim and attractive. The perfect (for the terms of the times, at least) body’s beauty was enhanced by curly long hairstyle, which was said to be very fashionable at that time and proved what was already obvious: our heroine doesn’t need to get rid of her weight. Well, at least she didn’t at those times.

Year 1992: adulthood

Musician was 33 when the natural beauty got back in fashion: that’s why she wouldn’t dye her hair or straighten them, and also would not use some expressive makeup. No, the way Marie Osmond uses it is almost professional: for example, she managed to choose perfect color to underline the beauty of her lips! What’s about her face: well, you can’t say she’s really growing up, can you?

Year 1999: a happy mother

After birth of a couple of kids, Osmond has a justice to look fatter as all the mothers do, but the story is quite different here. Look, it’s obvious that she’s slowly ageing, but, with the help of her makeup, she manages to cover it up. The cherry on a pie is her hair that take couple of years of her, doesn’t it?

Year 2006: losing focus

In life of every woman, there is a moment when she doesn’t realize what’s happening with her life and her body, and this year, for our heroine, was 2006… Look at her at TV Lands Award 2006. How much kilos did she put on? How much would you give? We don’t want to call her offensive names, but… you know. The picture says it all!

Look here if you weren’t sure looking at the previous one. However professional the makeup-artist was, he didn’t manage to hide her age. Her complexion – especially with makeup – looks tasteless and does nothing but underlining the fact that even the hottest country musicians are also human beings and they can… well. Age.

Year 2007: comeback

Marie Osmond came to her senses quite quickly: only a year passed, and she was already fine, shaking her plumpy butt while dancing for the famous TV show. She vowed it was nothing but a focus on her health, choosing the right products to eat and doing the right exercises, but… did anyone believe her at that time? Not really. Why would people invent liposuction, if nobody admits using it? People said: if she went to a surgeon’s knife for getting rid of her kilos, there’s nothing wrong with that, but, still, that wasn’t the case here, according to Osmond herself.

Year 2010: time takes its course

However hard you try to hide your age, sometimes it’s impossible. Especially when you’re already 51! Marie Osmond, the country star can’t cover her dark eye circles and laugh wrinkles, so you can say time had finally decided to take what’s its… so, no matter how hard you try, just wait and get old.

Year 2013: back to the carpet

One of her first appearances in three years (here’s she at BTJA Critics Choice Television Award) made everyone ask questions: what is wrong with her face? Where are the lines? Where did they go? Does it mean she had a facelift? And, also, look at her lips. By your own judgment – were they filled up with something?

Year 2015: Botox victim?

It’s very hard to write these words when you’re not sure, but something’s clearly wrong with Marie Osmond, so we’ll give a try… We see you, Botox! Remember this story of Sharon Osbourne who said that she used too much of it at some hard times of her life? Can the same story about beauty endeavor dependence apply to our heroine as well?

Year 2016: not aging at all

When you get old, you stop visiting public events, but when you do, you have to make people remember how old you are… Here’s Osmond with her spouse, Steve Craig, at the premiere of “Jason Bourne”. So, how many years would you give her? Not a single thought about 57, right?

Year 2017: a secret of youth

Whether it was a plastic operation or simply the work of her team (the ones who carefully look for the products she eats or things that she does and so on) during all these years, any woman of her age would start to be jealous, looking at that face. This it, as it is, a miracle.

Anyway, don’t forget WHY we know about Marie Osmond in the first place. She’s just an unbelievable singer. Take a look.

Well, you can’t say she was not gifted.

More about Marie Osmond:

“Marie Osmond” is not exactly the country star’s name, as her full sounds like “Olive Marie Osmond”. She was born on 13th of October in 1959 (which makes Libra her star sign) in Ogden, UT, in America. Back then, she had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Her career includes lots of various fields (some of them have nothing to do with each other): first, she was singing, then she took part in various TV projects (as a host, screenwriter and even a producer) and finally found some inspiration in design and serious business affairs. Overall, her year profit makes around 17 Million $.

Marie Osmond has been happily married to Steve Craig for almost twenty years now, and the couple has eight successfully grown up kids! Despite her age, she goes on with living a healthy lifestyle: she only weights 54 kilos (which is actually almost perfect for her 1,65 m of height) and keeps her body at 39-27-37 proportions. She wears 36C-size bras and 7-size shoes, which is more than enough for a lady who celebrates her 60th birthday next year.

What’s Marie’s Take On Cosmetic Surgery?

In the interview for “Prevention Magazine” in 2011, Marie shared her opinion on different kinds of cosmetic operations. She claimed that wisdom and thoughtful decisions are far more important than youth, but if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin – go on and do something to it!.. Despite this fact, she didn’t really elaborate on her own surgeon experiences and didn’t specify whether there were some or not. Although, she did mention resurfacing procedure HydraFacial which urges collagen in your skin to work more efficiently, which makes your complexion a lot more toned.

In 2013, she publically admitted she DID undergo cosmetical procedures. The news item appeared on E News: the text wrote the opposite of what everyone was talking about all this time: Marie Osmond didn’t enhance her boobs, but made them smaller. From the very first day of her career, as it wrote, a star couldn’t set aside the fact that people talk only about how big her breasts were and not about her voice or her acting. It’s not so pleasant for a girl who wants to be recognized for her artist talents! She also started having pains in her back and noted, that the “big boobs thing” passed over her, so she doesn’t really get it.

Final Conclusion

She was quite honest about her boob job, but would never talk about any other sorts of surgeon interactions. But, considering her age and the way she looks like… Sorry, but it’s very hard to believe.

Closerweekly reports, that some surgeons – who are believed to be experts in their fields – are sure in Marie Osmond’s plastic surgery. One of them, for example, was sure she implanted Botox in her lips and cheeks.

What’s your take?

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