Megan Fox Undergone Cosmetic Procedures? (Before & After plastic surgery)

Hollywood sex-bomb Megan Fox became popular after her starring in two “Transformers” movies in 2007 and 2009. These massive hits focused all of their attention of her alluring face and her exquisite forms. The role of a go-to woman for Shia LeBeouf, she got the title of The Sexiest Woman Alive of 2008 from FHM. Of course, the ones who always envy when someone’s got such appealing appearance, put out a rumor that none of it is real, and we all owe an expression of respect to Megan’s plastic surgeons.

The media was always consistent on a spin covering Megan and her body changes. The audience wanted to know everything about her plumpy lips, for example – because most people considered botoxed. Then the talks on her nose brought up due to its changes, and then – boobs implants, especially after 2013. This was also proved to be true, because her breasts suddenly got a round shape and don’t even match her body all in all. As much as this can be nothing more than just evil tongues talks, it’s always worth the shot looking at a female of this gorgeousness and monitor her way to this sexy body.

So, let’s get to know Megan’s body a little bit closer – that will help us to find the right answer!

Before & After Photos Megan Fox


We paralleled a couple of Megan’s pictures now & then to compare her specific body parts. The results are, well, let’s say quite promising.

Did Megan Fox Change Her Nose Shape?

When Megan Fox was nothing more than just another celebrity-to-be, she had a tiny crook in the nose – it’s noticeable on the first picture. The tip was also bigger and had a dent that’s hard to miss. But, when couple of years pass by, it’s already gone. The nose itself seems smaller, the tip is shaped sharper… we don’t know for sure, but the suspicion is obvious: these changes rarely happen without a knife’s help!

Has Megan Implanted Botox?

Sooner or later almost everyone in Hollywood hear the accusations of botox in different parts of their bodies, and same happened to Megan Fox. As much as it did, she never admitted these gossips to be true. Still, the actress is only 32 and already has a face to die for and forehead with no trace of aging… we don’t claim anything, but we understand why all of these gossips appear.

But the only thing about her face that can be claimed for certain is that she implanted fillers into her cheeks – see, in the “after” photo her face looks slightly more contoured. We suppose it required some botox, but, apart from that, nothing else is screaming “Face Surgery!”

Megan Fox’s mouth is so memorable that it could probably star in its own movie and still get an enormous profit. But, it was not always like that, and the difference is noticeable, judging from these pictures. In her youth, Megan could only open her lips a little to show her teeth to the world thanks to their tiny size. The upper lip seems to be thinner. But here we are at the second pic – no signs of her teeth, and both lips are quite bulky. So, we think it’s not that pointless to claim that she botoxed her mouth – at least once.

Did Megan Augment Her Breasts ?

The black tops on these before and after photos are quite similar and cling her body with no real difference – including her boobs. Her cleavage seems unchanged. The slight change of the lift and the shape of her breasts in the second picture might mean push-up effect and has nothing to do with augmentation. It means we can’t find any proof of Megan’s boob jobs. So, the truth is – they are real and never met a plastic surgeon.

Have A Look At Her Teeth

It’s hard to even think about the days when Megan was “an ugly duck”, but she was! Her teeth’s contour was so wonky that she might worn brackets to change it. When the place appeared for her in Hollywood, she might sustained some dental procedures – put veneers on her teeth, for example. Now they look perfectly healthy and are almost sparkling.

Megan Fox’s Face and Body Changes

Megan’s body changed as fast as she became a superstar – in  blink of an eye. Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? It does, but we can’t deny the evident. Let us enlighten you on her rapid evolution.

Early Childhood: cute and plumpy

Megan is only around three years old at this picture, and she looks as sweet and innocent as any child. You can’t deny her cuteness with this fluffy hair and large light-blue eyes. And her forehead might have got some comments on how big her brain was already – see, it’s quite big.

What’s also big is her cheeks and face all in all – but, probably, it’s all because of so-called baby fat. But her eyebrows cling her eyes perfectly – see, it was like that before.

Baby fat is gone now, and Megan’s face shape looks more defined than before. The round chin outlines the place with the jaw – and you can’t claim of any cosmetic procedures, as she was so young back then. And also, her nose! It’s not that big, if you look closely, even though the tip isn’t quite as sharp as it is nowadays.

Year 2001: TV debut

Megan Fox first appeared on TV screens in a sitcom “Hope & Faith”, and here’s how she looked back then. Her almost blonde hair evokes summer vibes, creating a quite refreshing look, but her face… well, the lips. Remember the lips? Thin, quite different from what they are now.

Year 2004: big screen appearance

In 2004, Fox appeared in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, her big cinema debut, and, from that time, she became what we know her today. Long black hair, grey eyes… wait, why are they grey? Are these contact lens?

Year 2007: body success

One of many reasons why Megan succeeded in Hollywood in the first place was her body. She obviously put a lot of effort to keep it was we see it – here, she’s looking stunningly beautiful and stealing all the attention. Even then the actress was already following the diet, excluding every mineral that can cause unattractive body. And – well, that’s working. It’s no miracle she was called “the sexiest” after all.

Year 2010: still beautiful

If you’re patiently waiting for Megan to lose it, it’s not 2010 when that happens. Here she’s already married to Brian Austin Green and surprising everyone with her smooth skin without a trace of wrinkles or any other signs of aging. She does talk about everything she uses to stay as beautiful as she is, but it still feels not enough… not enough for us, but enough for her not to need face implants in her twenties!

Is her face really a product of a good skin care and cosmetics? Well, however, the eye makeup is still worth admiring. It kind of reminds you of how stunning Angelina Jolie was before all these emaciation ordeals.

Year 2014: face procedures rumors

In 2014, people started gossiping about how Megan Fox face changed lately. Her cheeks became plumper and luscious, which means she could have filled them with something, and then, her eyes and the top of her head hint us on possible botox… if so, then it was, probably, too much. But her makeup, as usual – extremely consistent.

Here’s Megan in 2017 hitting the Liverpool streets with a light ombre on her long sumptuous hairstyle. It doesn’t sound awful, but she probably extended her hair a little artificially. Well, so what? Thankfully, her face looks quite straight and still beautiful, so it’s obvious she isn’t into botox anymore – which is good for her looks.

Year 2018: gaining weight

Three times pregnant, you can’t keep avoiding getting fat – that’s why Megan looks a little bit more massive in this photo, but still sexy as hell. Could she get rid of her kilos through plastic surgery? You can never tell, as she’s still a gyms frequenter and cares about what she eats a lot.

What Does Megan Fox Say About Plastics Surgery?

Despite all of the gossips surrounding her appearance, Megan never told they were true. For example, in 2010, she defended her lips shape in the interview for Allure magazine, claiming that “her lips are her lips”. She mentioned that she understands those who want to change their appearance with a little surgery help, but advised to consult a therapist beforehand. The desire to change your looks, according to Fox, comes from insecurities and never deserves the right for you to hate the parts of your body. But then, if you’re 100% sure about it, Megan urges you to use the advantages of The Technology Age.

She also once published a series of photos with her doing faces – the wrinkles appeared on her face and shut all the haters down. Megan claimed that you can’t do those things when you have botox injections in your face.

Actress’s full name is Megan Denise Fox (so she never changed it or took some stage name). She was born on 16 May, 1986, under Taurus sign, in Oak Ridge, TN. Although both of her parents are American, she had English, Scottish, Irish, French and even a little of German roots. Back then, she wore dark brown hair (she obviously prefers black right now), and her eyes were clearest blue without any lens.

She’s 1,63 m high and weighs 52 kilos, wearing 34B bras, 2US-size dresses and 7US-size shoes.

Megan never walked away from her acting path, although starring in different movies led her to voice acting in a couple of cartoons. Per year, Megan makes around 8$ Million.

Megan Fox happily married to Brian Austin Green for 8 years. Although the couple almost divorced (it was Megan’s idea), they managed to keep their family boat afloat, and the actress gave birth to a third son, named Journey. Her first son’s name is Bodhi, the second’s – Noah.


Megan Fox changes are so obvious that it’s hard to believe she never wanted botox in her face. Yes, she might deny it, but there are no fine lines and no wrinkles… is that possible? Besides, her before & after photos present obvious differences in her mouth and lips. So, well, let’s say that all the speculations aren’t baseless.

But her body, indeed, which brought up lots of rumors as well, is all about hard physical work and care. Her breasts change naturally, although she gains on some weight and that reflects on her breasts in whole – remember, she’s the a mother of three, after all. But her clothes cling to her body perfectly, and her butt doesn’t seem too big or too fat. We don’t know which diet or physical exercises she follows exactly, but that’s working perfectly.

But time passes, which means Megan will inevitably change sooner or later. It’s interesting to see how she manages to stay beautiful when that happens.

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