Melissa Rauch – American actress Before and After Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rauch American actress, before and after plastic surgery

Melissa Rauch was born in 1980, July, 23 (38 years old). Her native town is Marlboro Township. She became interested in acting when she was a little girl and went to school. She finished high school and moved to New-York, where she continued her education per specialty acting technique.

Melissa Rauch began to visit various nightclubs in Manhattan very often and showed tricks, jokes. Producers noticed her because of her funny and original short improvisations and she took an offer to take part in “Miss Education of Jenna Bush”. Melissa Rauch attracted much attention of audience due to her acting in this show. Step by step, she became a popular comedian actress. Melissa Rauch took part in various TV projects, for example, television comedian show 12 Miles of Bad Road (since 2007), I love you, Man (2009), in 2010 she appeared in two American television serial, Office and True blood. In 2015 Melissa started to record sounds for cartoons. She started playing the role of Bernadette Rostenkowski in Bing Bang program on TV (since 2009 till 2015) which made her popular. In the film The Bronze (2015) Melissa was an actress, script writer, executive producer. She became a celebrity. She received the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 30, 2016. Melissa was invited to do photo session for the popular man magazine MAXIM 2013 and she was included into Top HOT List in 2014.

Several years ago there was information in mass media that Melissa Rauch was thinking about visiting plastic surgery clinic to do an operation. This plastic operation was rather important but it was no need to transform her appearance, face, eyes, lips, to change form of her nose, ears, did liposuction or transform her body somehow else. The purpose was to do smaller the size of her breast, because Melissa had a thin body and a huge size of breast. A breast reduction is a kind of rather simple plastic surgery procedure. Doctors consist plans of treatment, ask a woman’s age, writing answers for the questions about the number of children she has, taking into account breast-feeding for the child. It’s easy to find Melissa’s photos several years ago and current real images. Everybody can see the difference before and after Melissa Rauch plastic surgery. If to judge by her appearance, there is an appreciable wonderful change in her body before and after successful plastic surgery. It was the harmonic solution for such type of figure. She became like porcelain figurine, little, light and beautiful.

Actress Melissa Rauch boobs implants

Melissa RauchMelissa looks very well after plastic surgery. Her body became proportional without huge breast. Her height is only 150 centimeters and obviously it might be very difficult and inconvenient for her to have a large size of breast. Maybe she even had a problem with pain in her neck, head, back, shoulders in the future. After successful reduction her bra size was changed so she looks younger and can wear any open dresses, light T-shirts, low-necked smart clothes. She appeared in yellow low-necked dress at People Choice Awards and was really elegant with her new dimension of bra. Melissa Rauch’s photo before and after surgery has a significant difference. Melissa doesn’t give comments about her plastic surgery but everyone can compare her previous photos with her new photos in reality (before and after photo) and make conclusions themselves. Maybe Melissa Rauch can deny the fact that she has bust implants, but she looks young for her age, harmony and happy after the plastic operation.


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