Mindy Kaling – Before and After Plastic Surgery Relevant

You can’t help but laughing looking at Mindy Kaling performance, but if it wasn’t for her satirical talent, she wouldn’t probably be a Hollywood employee due to her specific appearance.

She acts, she writes and she steals all the attention thanks to her skin color – a gift from her Indian ancestors. Although, in the last few years rumors were circling that her skin is changing, becoming fairer. The predictable question is: does she change because of plastic surgeries? If so, could she do something else to her body too?

The gossips on Mindy’s plastic operations are at least credible. The industry always suggests rivalry and requires intricate ploys to stay in beauty trends, if the audience rejects your talents. But, apart from plastics, Mindy’s also quite good at laying makeup. The existing harmony between beauty care products and direct plastic operations is yet hidden for us.

Apart from skin bleaching, Mindy is also gossiped to having performed a nose job. Also, during her work on “The Mindy Project”, people started suspecting Botox lip fillers. But is it true after all?

Before & After Photos

The only way to know the truth is to track any possible changes in her appearance from “The Office” to “The Mindy Project” and make a conclusion only afterwards.

So, let’s not waste any time!

Did Mindy Kaling Whiten Her Skin?

People who stood up with Mindy since the very start of her career in “The Office” (and it happened more than ten years ago!) noticed that nowadays her skin is a lot lighter than it was before. The more popularity points she gets, the more arrow rumors flew in her way.

Did she whiten her skin? If you compare her old photos to the recent ones, you can see a substantial difference in her skin tone. Although there’s still a subtle possibility that this effect is achieved with makeup, the light angle or even some graphic editor.

Mindy herself heard the gossips and fought back sarcastically, as she always does. Posting a before & after photo comparison, she wrote that she didn’t understand the fuss around it, as she was “equally pretty in both” pics.

Does Mindy Have Nose Job?

Although when Mindy was just dreaming about the fame she has now her nose was smaller, we can’t see a significant difference between paralleled photos. The swift changes only cover her nasal bridge (it narrowed) and the sharper tip.

If she did have a nose job, the surgeon was quite a talent, because you can’t see any trace of his work. Mindy herself doesn’t talk much about it and doesn’t comment on rumors, but sometimes she posts videos on her social networks revealing how she manages to obtain her looks. And we must say, these jobs aren’t the easy ones!

What About Lip Fillers?

If Mindy Kaling paid money for lip injections, we demand her paid back. Because, if so happened, as public desires, it changed almost nothing in her face. There was also an opinion that the chubbiness of her lips is achieved through a lipstick choice: because, just as everybody knows, Mindy has a swift affection to those. How do you think?

Has She Changed Her Face?

When Mindy landed “The Mindy Project”, fans started gossiping about her being a contender for more fame in ever changing world of Hollywood through lip fillers and a possible face lift. After all, not very black woman gets a chance of a massive project, you simply can’t lose it. It was obvious for them because of her brows that looked more lively as ever, but nothing else… after all, we shouldn’t forget she carried a baby at that time, so this could be the result of soaring hormones.

Did Mindy Have Dentistry Job Done?

No, but seriously? Her smile hasn’t changed a bit. She didn’t really change her gum line, as her teeth are still a little bit wonky. She wasn’t even wearing braces when she was a kid, how come?

The only possible thing is teeth whitening, which shouldn’t be a surprise as well. Apart from the fact that it’s nothing out of ordinary completely, Mindy is perfectly aware of any possible health issues – that’s why she looks after her teeth and gums as much as she does with her skin.

Mindy’s Changes

Let’s have a closer look to how Mindy changed during her career. It will become obvious, how exactly she changed, and if there was something we didn’t notice before.

Early Days of plain Jane

When she was young, little Mindy Kaling actually wore glasses. Growing up in Massachusetts, Mindy was an adorable and cute child.

In her childhood, Mindy Kaling had problems with her eyesight and had to wear glasses. All of her youth years Kaling stayed in Massachusetts, giving her parents all the joy and happiness of the world.

Year 1998: TV debut

Mindy was 19 when she first appeared on TV screens in Conan O’Brien talk show. Back then, her face was indeed a little bit fat, but her skin shined like dark diamonds.

Year 2005: puberty threshold

In the wake of puberty, Mindy became a lot fitter. Both in her twenties and thirties, the size of her bra was a lot smaller, as was her overall body. To make it look a little bit more proportional, Mindy was speculated to pay for breast implants, but the actress herself never commented on those rumors.

Year 2007: getting to know makeup

Mindy Kaling is obviously proud with her face shape: how else could you explain her makeup choice? Her hair is short, which looks perfect for her face contour, and the makeup makes her eyes and cheeks look very impressive.

Year 2010: a weight loss

Appearing at one more Emmy, Mindy wears a dress emphasizing her body contour. Before that, according to her, she went on a strict diet to become fitter for her new project. She only drank juices and went to a gym to achieve this result.

Year 2012: “Mindy Project” starts

Mindy Kaling could sigh with relief after “The Mindy Project” set started on “FOX”: you can see it in her enlarged body that she started eating a lot healthier. And we can’t miss how much this long hairstyle still suits her face contour.

Year 2015: bleaching starts

Emerging at Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015, Mindy Kaling aroused some speculations around her skin color. See, public saw it became lighter. The same happened to Wendy Williams, rumor has it.

Year 2016: rhinoplasty?

One more allegation was made in 2016, when audience started paying attention to her nose tip. People also talk about possible chin fillers injected to outline the square shape of her face and a prominent chin, which looked less sharper now. And her dress here is worth admiring here as well: thanks to it, her breasts look very sexy indeed.

Year 2017: no wrinkles?

Why is Mindy’s skin so smooth and plain? Does she use some good skin care products or simply undergoes botox injections? Why do they look pouty – is it a lipstick or lip fillers? After all, Mindy never publicly proclaimed her mindset on plastic surgery, which might mean she loves caring about her skin, but not changing it drastically.

Speaking of makeup, you can never ignore how good her brows always look. Whenever Mindy steps out on a red carpet, she does everything to outline her best feature – her gaze.

Year 2018: slowly but surely

At Oscar 2018, Mindy Kaling might have not had the boldest look, but it was unparalleled still. Her red lipstick was bright for the cameras, her loose hair surrounded her face with a small touch of makeup, enough to make us sigh in awe while looking at these pictures.

More About Mindy Kaling:

Her full name is Vera Mindy Chokalingam, so you can say Mindy Kaling is her real name. Her parents are Indians moved to Cambridge, MA, and giving birth to a baby girl on 24th of June, 1979. Her hair was black back then, and her eyes – dark brown.

The colors of America opened the world full of opportunities, and Mindy did everything she could from playing in a satiric TV show to writing her own. Per year, she makes 18$ Million.

Mindy is not very much open about her romantic life, but her fans know she’s raising a daughter Katherine. They also know how much she cares about her body and her health, keeping it at 36-29-37 and 65 kilos next to 1.63 m of height. Her bra size is 34B, she wears 10US dresses and 7US shoes.


There’s not so many people out there in Hollywood who don’t go crazy about plastic surgeries, and Mindy is definitely one of them. She’s silent about her alleged plastic jobs and only talks about master makeup skills on her social media.

Even if Mindy Kaling did bleach her skin or even changed her nose, she manages to keep her beauty at a pertinent level. Perhaps her makeup skills are the main reason for it, as Mindy knows how to stay perfect with a slight touch of a makeup brush.

So, whatever you think on her overall beauty generally, take this part of the message clearly: she DID NOT enlarge her boobs. And we see no evidence of lip botox too.Do you want to know more about celebrities who did plastic surgery?

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