Kardashian, Anastasia Kvitko and her plastic surgery

Anastasia Kvitko was born in Kaliningrad. When she was twenty years old, she signed up in the well-known social network and started to share her hot and sexy photos. The girl says that she likes to give people happiness, and when they have positive emotions after they looked at her photos. In a year Anastasia’s non-standard body (95-63-105) was noticed by Kim Kardashian’s husband. Anastasia was offered to be a face of fashion clothing, which production is a family business for the rapper. After this offer, the girl moved to the ocean coast in America.

The girl has 8 million followers on Instagram all over the world and now many people call her “Russian Kardashian”. Readers of a famous magazine declared her one of the three hottest Russian girls, but there was an unpleasant occurrence a month ago. Paparazzi made photos of the girl on the Miami beach, where the girl showed her natural beauty. The photos were like expectations vs reality. Now Anastasia’s followers talk about her flabby belly, cellulite on her thighs and advise her to go to the gym. Other people feel pity for Anastasia and suggest that her forms are a result of a bad plastic surgery, although Anastasia says that all her body is natural.

In her interviews, Anastasia shares her opinion about beauty. The girl thinks, that the Russian girls’ secret of beauty is naturalness. Anastasia also says that she sees many fake girls with plastic surgeries in the USA very often. But she always can know at once, when a girl is from Russia because Russian girls are very natural and beautiful. The girl also adds that it is obvious, when you look at Russian girl’s face, that she didn’t make any plastic surgery.

Tigran Aleksanyan worked with many Russian stars for correcting their appearance. He studied attentively Anastasia Kvitko’s photos and make a conclusion. The girl made plastic surgery recently. Most likely the girl made lipofilling. The fat from one body part is soaked and then it is added to another body part. As a result, we can see forms which Anastasia has.

Why stars and people idols are so afraid to show their real bodies? Maybe they are afraid that we will think that they are ugly? The ones who fight with nature is on the fourth line of our classified list.

Surgery as a method to achieve beauty

One of the most expensive bodies in the world belongs to a famous singer Cher. She is 72, but when you’ll see these photos (they were published in June 2018), you can think, that she is younger than 40 years old. The list of her surgeries is very long: rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, bottom ribs removal, belly liposuction. All of it the singer made to look younger. The price of youth for her is about 750 thousand dollars. Cher isn’t shy about her surgeries, and she called herself a ‘poster girl for plastic surgery’.

Demi Moore can fight with Cher for the name of most tuned stars. Recently the woman saw herself on the paparazzi photos with cellulite and sagging buttocks. The actress got upset and decided to do a regular upgrade of her body and face. It cost her almost half of a million dollars, but the actress wants to look good not just for beautiful photos or interesting roles. The reason is that her new boyfriend Nick Jonas is 30 years younger.

Kim Kardashian is younger than 40 years, but she leaves about 80 thousand dollars in plastic clinics every year long ago. She made plastics with her butt and she didn’t hide it. Most possible she uses implants for her buttocks, also she has plastics on her lips, cheekbones, lumps bisha. Fat near cheeks are deleted and thin strips began visibly, also chin and cheekbones become more noticeable.

By the way, Kim has followers not only within women. A British guy James Park spent 156 thousands of dollars to become like Kim, and the man doesn’t regret. He is delighted with the result, although it looks very strange for other people.

An actress Elena Berkova doesn’t conceal, that her big beautiful breasts are a plastic surgery result. The girl decided to make her breasts bigger because she wanted to recover their form after childbirth. The girl convinces, that all her friends did the same.

Berkova also tells about other strange experiments, that other young girls with beautiful breasts form makes. At first, they increase their lips, then decrease, they insert implants for their butts, but then they delete them because they turn inside very often.

They lost their beauty from surgeries

All Cannes are amazed and shocked and yellow press is very excited. Igor Bogdanov, 68 years old freak, arrived there with his new girlfriend Julia Jordan. The young girl is only 24 years old and people ask why the beauty chose this plastics surgery victim? Maybe she loves him for his kind soul or he is just a freak for her?

But no one can defeat Michael Jackson’s record. This king of the pop made 100 plastic surgeries and spent about one million dollars for changing his appearance.

Video blogger Maria Kovshukova explains, why people change their appearance searching the beauty ideal. The girl says, that there are no men who choose the girl with an ugly body if they can choose someone with implanted boobs and thin waist without bottom ribs. Another Russian TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya is sure that standard surgery beauty loses their popularity today. The woman explains that it is not a trend now to do big cheekbones, to increase lips. She never likes it and she thinks that the justice wins.

Naturalness is not always equal to beauty

Mikel Ruffinelli has the biggest ass in all the world. Her weight is 190 kg and hip girth is almost 2,5 m. The woman learned to love her body and her husband Radgy helped her with it. They are married for ten years already. The giant woman says, that every day her husband tells her that she is beautiful.

The name of another strange topless model is Norma Stitz, and she has the biggest natural breasts in the world. Her chest girth is almost 2 meters. The woman is well-known for her giant breasts and she has many followers, although she is more than 60 years old already. Norma takes part in erotic photo shoots, she also shows her boobs for the money when she isn’t busy. The weight of her boobs is about 60 kg and the woman gets about 10 thousand dollars per month for their demonstration online. She demonstrates her body too, but it is muh more expensive.also check out our other articles

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