Did Famous Nicki Minaj Get Breast & Butt Implants?

Somebody knows Nicki Minaj as a star with very huge boobs and butt shapes on the fragile body. But very few people know that she got famous not thanks to plastic surgery, she made it because of her diligence and devotion to singing. Since the childhood the girl was a real fan of music and developed her singing skill.

Nicki Minaj

Her most famous hits are: The night is still young, Super Bass, Anaconda. If we talk about who of the female is the best rapper of the present day, there is no doubt that this is Nicki Minaj. She shocked us with her brightly evocative outfits, wigs and frank costumes, which at times showed more than we expected to see. This made a storm of emotions and discussions so necessary for the beginning star.

The first thing about what everyone began to say is of course the naturalness of her forms, which on Nicki Minaj body, to be honest, do not look very natural.

In order to understand this, we need to find photographs of Nicki Minaj before she was famous. They will uncover all secrets of the rap singer. All these results have nothing in common with her talent and charm.

Nicki Minaj High School Years

A fragment of the video with Nicky’s participation was taken from the school archives. Based on how she looked like, we can assume that on the video she is about 14-15 years old.

To see the video, you can follow the link below:

No one doubts about the fact that she sings well but the fact that she has such an amazing acting mastership was a surprise for everyone. That means her appearance wasn’t a crucial in her first steps in music. The talent – what is more important.

As we see, she has unlimited number of talents.

Teenage period & Early Adult Years

We found several photographs on which the features, shapes and structure of her face are most clearly visible. Nicki Minaj before she was famous rapping looked like an ordinary American teen.

So, let’s see it.

About her unusual face

Nicki Minaj did plastic surgery

In the example below, we see two photos, the first one was made before Nicky became a famous benchmark, and the second one is already a famous star. In the masses there were many discussions and disputes about the plastic face, namely the chin, cheekbones, lips, eyebrows. Nevertheless, we did not notice any significant changes.

Therefore, we can conclude that she didn`t make plastics of the face.

Despite the not very good quality of the first photo, this is enough to consider carefully the shape of its nose, eyes, bewitching smile and to conclude that this is a photo Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery, just at different periods of her life.

Her Great Body


Please sit down, take a deep breath, and only after this open the next photo because what you see can shock you, especially if you doubted whether Ncki Minaj butt implants or tits implants. After the seen doubt you will not arise.

Watch it.

As we see in the photo, which is not a fake, it was made in 2006. Considering the fact that Niki was born in 1982 in the photo she is 24 years old, which does not fit into our heads because she looks like an 18-20 years old girl.

This date, indicated on the photo, calls into a question the authenticity of this photo. But if you pay attention to her eyes and tattoo on her arm, doubts fall away. It’s possible that the date indicated on the photo is the date when a photo was upload to the Internet, then it significantly changes the essence of the matter.

As we see from the photo, her body was not particularly lush in shape and even on the contrary looks very flat, which causes discomfort in our heads, as we are used to seeing slightly different shapes of the body. Nicki Minaj before and after surgery are two different women.

There is another photo on which we see already more rounded forms in the chest area but nevertheless, it’s still not the same Nicky that we are used to seeing.

So, let’s go back to the time when we all heard about her as a rap star.

Year 2010 – debut album

For the first time we met with Nicky when in 2010 her debut album brought her world fame in almost one night. This photo is already more noticeable growth in the breasts, which unambiguously suggests that Nicki Minaj`s boobs are not real.

Now let’s pay attention to the Nicki Minaj ass, which was clearly visible in her transparent pants in New York City. This time a lot of people have the thought that Nicki Minaj has fake butt or it never stopped growing.

Year 2011 – Music Awards

The next picture was taken in Los Angeles, California in 2011 on the American Music Awards. In the photo we can see Nicki with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Everyone knows that Katy has big real breasts, but as for Nicki Minaj tits, it does not look so natural. Nevertheless, in the photo they stand side by side and it`s on your judge.

Year 2012 – changes

This image of Nicki was made in London in 2011 when she performed in the 02 Arena. Her leather bra, which does not seem to let her breathe, makes even more bulges her chest forward. Maybe that’s why no one paid attention to her nose and extremely thin nasal septum. We do not claim that she did the nose plastic surgery, but still it’s hard not to notice. What we know exactly is that Nicki Minaj body before she was famous wasn’t as sexy and unnatural as now.

Year 2013 – boobs

Nicki Minaj ass this is a separate topic for conversation and one of her attractions and features. This is a performance in the Brooklyn NY City. Those narrow pants, are framed by chains, makes even more emphasize Niki magnificent forms. Without exaggeration, Nicki Minaj fake butt looks very huge.

Year 2014 – great forms

The next photo of Nicky at the American Music Awards held in Los Angeles, California. Something is confused me in this beautiful outfit. If we look closely, we can see that her breasts seem to be turned up and tits look up.

But we will not judge strictly, because she is only little bit more than 30, so it doesn`t matter. Nicki Minaj boobs suit her and she knows how to underline them. Overall, the outfit looks great, and her beautiful thin legs are simply irresistible.

Year 2015 – breast changes

This is Nicki visits one of the nightclubs in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dress with a deep décolleté did not help her to dispel rumors and deny that Nicky has fake breasts. And no matter how she tried to stop this, her unnatural forms still make a lot of talk and discussion. Nicki Minaj before she was famous didn’t have a lot of focus on her personality, now everything has changed.

Whatever it was, let’s admit that she looks amazing. And if these are implants, probably all rapiers need to be given to plastic surgeons so they will look as good as Nicky on this photo. It was made in Los Angeles, California at the AMA in 2015 and gives us the opportunity in one photo to appreciate her charms in front and in the back. What not to say, Nicki Minaj measurements dimensions are huge, whether it is made artificially or by nature.

Year 2016 – put on weight

Niki visited the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art at Manus x Machina Fashion. No one is completely troubled by her outspoken clothes and I think we are even a little used to it, and the majority accepted with delight her white locks in her hair. Nicki Minaj plastic surgery gave her a chance to wear quite revealing clothes. But it seems that something has changed in her body…  does she gain weight?

Year 2017 – wax body

On this photo Nicki is dressed in a bright pink latex suit and everyone can enjoy her 34F bra size. And it seems that everything is okay, but if you look at this photo more attentively, everything on it seems absolutely unnatural, it’s like a wax figure, too smooth lines, perfect tone, color, not a single wrinkle on the face and body. Nicki Minaj before she was famous looked more natural and neater.            

We hope that Nicki has not yet begun to inject Botox, various fillers and will not resort to them in the near future. All celebrities use only high-quality beauty creams and decorative cosmetic, Nicky isn’t an exception.

More information about outstanding Nicki Minaj:

Onika Tanya Maraj is a real name of the professional singer, rapper and songwriter. She was born on 8 December, 1982 under the sign of Sagittarius in Saint James. The girl’s surname is originally Indian and name is African. At once she is American and Trinidadian, Afro-American. The woman earns about 70 million dollars per year. Nicki doesn’t have a family and children yet. However, she is dating with a mysterious stranger. The woman’s high is just 157 centimeters, weight 60 kilos. Her body measures are – 102-72-115 cm, bra size – 34F. Nicki Minaj before fame had black hair and dark brown eyes.

What does Nicki Minaj have to say about her numerous plastic surgery?

In the interview, Nicky once and for all closed the issue of the plasticity of her face, she stated that she had never changed anything on her face and advised everyone who wanted to change the shape of her nose to see how it could be done on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, how you want.

But it’s worth noting what she said ONLY about her face, the conversation did not go on the other parts of the body, since her nose was very roughly discussed, maybe this was her tactic. We could only believe that Nicki Minaj before had the same face and didn’t go to the plastic surgery clinic.

Again, the notorious topic of Niki’s plastic surgery was not uncovered until Dr.Miami announced that he himself put implants in the ass Nicki. And while Nicky thought that the topic was closed and relaxed slightly, the twitter blew this news and a new wave of discussions began on the Internet. Look at Nicki Minaj before surgery, her boobs are much smaller.

All this has led to the fact that even more people want to be similar with Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and are interested in how to increase their ass and what method is better to choose: to inject, inject their own fat or resort to implants. Women are ready to spend thousands of American dollars on their beauty.

Do You Think Her Appetizing Boobs And Bum Are Real Or Fake?

Since officially Nicky did not claim that her forms are fake and she resorted to plastic surgery, we do not undertake to assert that they are counterfeit and even more to condemn her. Therefore, you have to draw conclusions. It is up to you to decide whether she had the surgical intervention or not, but with the unadjusted eye we see how she has changed.

As for those who wish to increase their form to the size of Nicki Minaj, think many times; consult with doctors and your loved ones. After all, if you change your forms (be it breasts or ass) be prepared for what your surroundings will notice, will ask questions, discuss. Maybe it changes your life, since such magnificent forms are not suitable for every field of business. If you are a fan of Nicki or another singer don’t try to be like her in everything. Every person is an individual and should look in his own way. Otherwise, you will become another victim of plastic surgery. The period after an operation isn’t a pleasant one. Don’t make yourself suffer from your appearance.

If you are looking to gain fame and success as Nicki only by the luxurious forms, you are mistaken. Nicki got fame because of her multiple talents and hard work in the field of music. People love her not only for her perfect body but for her R&B and rap hits. That`s why you can`t get fame only if you put money in the hands of plastic surgeons. Be discreet and do not make rash decisions. If you have firmly decided to change your appearance with the help of plastic surgery, please choose the best doctors and clinics.

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