Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Body and Appearance Transformation Path

It goes without saying that nowadays a lot of celebrities change their looks in order to stay adored and admired by their fans, doing plastic surgery and using other interesting methods. Nikki Mudarris, also called Miss Nikki Baby, is not an exception of the rule. Nikki’s family is also famous for having strip club’s business in the United States of America. The celebrity is casting in Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, a reality TV show telling about the lives of people living in the Hollywood area, whose life is somehow connected to the music of this genre.

Famous American socialite’s body lines are mesmerizing, but still there a lot of rumors about plastic surgeries and body transforming methods. Some of them are true and some are false, so even Nikki Mudarris refuses them personally. In this article, we are going to discuss and review Mudarris’ appearance and body changes with plastic surgery help.

Nikki Baby Butt Implant Body Change

Nicole is famous for having “that” butt, she has such a perfect body. Rounded forms and lines can’t let men fall asleep at night because the only thing they can do – is to think about this amazing lady. Recently lots of her fans and other Hollywood celebrities have noticed a small change in her body, yes – her butt became even bigger! Nikki Mudarris recent photos show this transformation and the enlargement of that body part. Her behind became even more rounded compared to old photos. When she was asked a question about changing her backside, she refused and said that nothing had changed. Even though the celebrity doesn’t agree with this, lots of people do think she made some changes and implantation. It seems some people are just comparing photos of celebrities before and after. But does this look bad? Her fans love the way she treats to her body by creating the whole image with the help of such “little” things, even if this is Nikki’s plastic surgery or butt implant.

Nose Job Appearance Transformation (Rhinoplasty)

Nikki Mudarris’ finally approved at least some information about her appearance changes. At one of the interviews, she agreed with a supposition of changing her nose shape. If we were to compare some photos of Nikki from the past and the recent ones, before and after, we would see a great change concerning her nose. Previously it was much bigger and longer and wider, but now she has it shorter and smoother. So, Nikki’s before and after photos with her face will show everything, just go and take a look. You don’t have to be an expert to see vivid changes in her look. The surgeons were really talented and creative in creating such a masterpiece. The look became complete and even more immaculate. Her confessions about this part of the body only confirm that everything is possible if you aim at perfection and beauty.

Nikki’s Breast Augmentation

In the modern world, especially in the world of Hollywood and show business, it is impossible to stay out of plastic surgeries and implantation. Every celebrity wants to have big boobs and be sexy and attractive in a such way. This is also true for Nikki, who did this body transformation. While giving an interview and being asked about breast implantation, she seems to agree and confirms this information to be true. Is it a crime? Nowadays every fifth woman does the breast augmentation, and this wish is understandable. This is the way to get more attention and those jealous and admiring looks from people. So the before and after photos reflect what it is. The undeniable change in the size and shape of boobs is highly visible. Boobs of Nikki Mudarris became rounder and more ideal. Every woman wants to be the same, so we have a role model here if we can say so.

Cheek and Lip Fillers Look Transformation

Press has it that lady Nikki has also transformed her appearance by using some cheek and lip fillers. But isn’t that an undeniable fact? Look at the old photos of the diva and you will see the different face shape. That’s true, her lips changed throughout some time, they had slightly different form comparing to what we have now. Well, maybe some photos may distort the real appearance, but at the recent photos taken by journalists and photographers show the real change. Her lips were beautiful, but the one she has now harmonically fit her face. They become fuller and bigger, especially the upper lip if you look close enough. The shape also changed to a more rounded form. So, what’s about the cheeks then? Maybe it is the distortion, too? Not really, if you love to see the details. Press also made some accusation of her having some cheek fillers, too. But Nikki Mudarris don’t agree. Fans and followers are still puzzled by these suppositions. Did she really do this?

This young and beautiful woman is just 24 years old. Too young to transform the body, use Botox injections and facial fillers, you say? Well, if we are talking about celebrities, things are different here. Stars, especially starlet’s, looks have to be catching so that people would recognize them in the media or even at the street. But where is the edge between normal and strange? And do the celebrities have it? Nikki is free to do everything to her body, changing it for her to be comfortable to live with all those transformations. Some say, her face looks so smooth and unnatural in real life or even at some photos, and that is not beauty at all. But let’s face it, Nikki Mudarrisbefore and after – are somehow different persons, and her body and appearance look like a Barbie’s. Her smile has some modifications, too, she doesn’t have the lines around her mouth – you know, the one appearing when you smile. Plastic surgeons doing all the modifications for celebrities have to be really talented and experienced. It is a responsible task to make an unknown starlet shine like a real star. Like everywhere in the world, there are admirers and haters. Some people say before and after Nikki’s body is not that beautiful at all, it is unnatural and so, fake. But it is fascinating to see the transformations having taste and sophisticated view.

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