Privacy Policy

Our web-site is fully committed to keeping the privacy of the users at a high rank, as we accept the level of significance of the mater. This document describes, which kinds of personal information of our users is recorded on our servers, and why do we need them.

Logging Files

Just like the plethora of other web-administrators, we use logging files in our settings. They include the links visited from this specific IP address, the browser used, the Internet Provider, the timing of your session, the branch from the first web-site page to the last one, and the numbers of clicking the link from different users. This helps us, as administrators, to monitor trends among our audience, so to choose interesting topics and news approach for the groups that majorly represent our audience. None of this information can be used for personal identification of the user.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are moderate files appearing on your device any time you first visit a web-site where Cookies are used. If you open them, you can find data on your Internet Provider, the timing of your sessions, search shingles and visited pages that can somehow help us to form the info in a way that’s suitable for your better experience. Most of the time, they are automatically enabled in your browser, but you can always turn this feature off in your browser’s settings. You can also delete Cookies, but they will automatically appear, if you don’t disable them.

Cookies are generally used for keeping the data on guest’s favors, choices and the links to previously visited or accessed pages. This info is vital for faster internet connection, as it is linked directly with the browser, so that content is presented in the most comfortable way for your computer. It also helps statistically, as we know more on which pages are preferable for our users and can use this findings in the future.

Originally, Cookies have nothing to do with personal identification, although they can be used, provided you give us specific personal information. Any other sort of data is recorded automatically by means of third party companies and are not personally identifiable.

There are specific types of Cookies that are you used by third-party companies for customizing advertisements on our web-site These record overall web-activity to send information on which products or services can be interesting for a certain user. The advertisement itself does not appear on the custom site version but is adjusted to specific information that can be found in Cookies. The IP is sent automatically. Web Beacons and Java Scripts also help estimating the profit from specific advertisements and specific groups of users. If you have any complaint or wish to disable or somehow change this feature for your own good, you should consult their terms and conditions, as we reserve no right of influencing or changing their policies and ways of advertisements publishing. To do so, attend their web-sites for further details.

Means Of Data Collecting

Firstly, we define our main goals of keeping your personal information for the sake of:

  • overall and forehanded briefing on our current updates in offered products and services;
  • to stay in touch with our audience;
  • to timely react to all the complaints and requests;
  • to always keep the users informed on matters that may be significant to them;
  • to make sure the users know about all the kinds of updates or possible changes;
  • to monitor the profit of offered products and services;
  • to enhance the functioning of our web-sites for constant audience interest rise.

To fit those, you have to consciously fill in the required gaps and give us necessary information that includes phone numbers and both physical and electronic addresses. It might happen when you willingly subscribe to our newsletter for both mobile numbers and electronic addresses. The data is also recorded if you send as a request or ask a question.

We sustain no financial operations with the data you give us and never get money from this. We can only delegate the information which is not used for personal identification to advertising companies or other third party companies partnered with us.

We may as well require data that is not usually proclaimed publically, but for only specific purposes and with your own explicit agreement. In other cases, we do not record information that helps to identify you, and are not responsible for the data you gave us willingly.

Kinds Of Information Kept

We usually don’t require anything more than your name and surname, and also the means of contacting you. This might mean your physical or electronic address and phone numbers used for personal or business purposes. Other kinds of information are considered specific and are only needed in certain matters. However, it doesn’t mean we make use of touchy matters, such as:

  • working status and profession;
  • nationality and citizenship status;
  • criminal history;
  • medical history, both overall and mental;
  • sexual preferences.

If needed, we require this information from you directly and only use it from your agreement, got in advance. The kinds of information we request from our users differs depending on your purpose.

The Benefit From Personal Data

Our main reason of collecting and keeping your info is to enhance our website functioning. It’s easier for us to fulfill all of your requests and respond to your question, having those in advance. By sending a request to the third party company you found thanks to us, you fully accept the fact that we delegate the information we own, so that you request is fulfilled.

We can also contact you to offer our products or services. We do so via the Internet, mobile messaging and phone calls. If there’s an urgency for disabling this feature, fell free to send a request with every bit of personal information you gave us before. Also note what exactly do you want to disable. We will investigate your request in maximum three weeks from the first day of sending.

Information Safety

The matter of keeping personal data of our users is of extreme importance to us. We take care of any significant problems that can lead to leaking your data and further usage, recover or transformation of any kind. The means of conserving the information include both hard and soft ware. We constantly keep a close watch on the condition of every security form, such as:

  • writing specific documents defining the policy of safety and security;
  • protecting the way of entering the web-site through different filling forms;
  • forming a special committee taking care of any clients consents or complaints;
  • specific web forms entitled to keep everything you type surely secured through programming codes.

We keep a close watch on every bit of sensitive information you provide us with. Special services implanted in our services sustain a reasonable encrypting of every bite of data.

Social Presence Liability

We DO have accounts on various social platforms and may use them for interacting with our users, provided they gave us the contacts willingly. But we DO NOT take responsibility of any kind of information trades: sharing some of your personal information online, you automatically accept the possibility of it being used in a way that’s completely out of your or our hands. If so happens, the only responsible person is the one who shared the information publically, undisclosed, so he cannot delegate the liability on others.

By heading over the links published in our articles, remember that the rules of usage the web-sites that are not managed by our administration, can differ from ours. To make sure you’re not violating the rules, consult the respective pages of the website itself by contacting the administration or reading a respective document presented online.

Our Contacts

To request further details on your personal data security, feel free interacting with us by any mean comfortable to you. We will strive to answer your question as full as we can and investigate your complaints, if there are some.

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