Did Rihanna Have Plastic Surgery?

You can’t argue that Rihanna is one of the most popular pop-musicians in USA nowadays. Not only thanks to her voice, but also the amazing body and a charming, almost haunting face.

But, of course, people are never good at being happy for someone else’s luck. Her haters claim that the southern had undergone couple of plastic operations, and her looks are not the gift from mother nature.

Rumour has it, Rihanna changed almost everything: starting from her forehead (literally) and ending with – well, obviously – her breast. It may surprise you, but some fans don’t even believe Rihanna’s eyes are real. They are sure that she changed its color during one of her numerous plastic jobs.

We can’t say whether it’s definitely true or not… let’s just have a look.

Whatever the answer, you have to admit that her songs are indeed very catchy. Who can resist this repeating motive from “Work”, or even doesn’t know the words to her famous “Umbrella” bop that made her so popular?

That is the question… did Rihanna’s desire to WORK reflect on her appearance?

Let’s have a little investigation!

Before & After Pictures


We’ve looked through some photos of Barbados beauty before her days of fame and after them to point out some specific, unnatural changes that happened to her body. Here’s our take:

Did Rihanna Get Breast Implants?

Do Rihanna’s boobs look real?

The rumors of Rihanna artificially boosting her breasts appeared after the shots with noticeable difference of her breasts size appeared. Apart from plastics, there were some other explanations: starting with something like “she just had too much to eat” and finishing with “she’s awaiting a baby”. If we set aside those suspicions and remember that Rihanna does NOT have a baby, the possibility of her having boob implants sounds not so unbelievable.

Did Rihanna Have A Nose Job?

What a lovely nose… after the nose job?

Rihanna does NOT have African roots, she, like many other Carribean southerners with that skin color, has got massive nose. Looking at the photo of how her nose looked like before, you can see the bulkiness of her nose and flatness of her nose bridge.

But, comparing to what we have now, it’s obvious that nose bridge is shaped differently, in a more impressive way that attracts attention if you look closely. It covers both the tip of her nose and the ala. Use your own judgment to decide, if Rihanna called for plastic surgery help to do something to her nose…

Did She Do Anything To Her Forehead?

So… yeah. This forehead is almost gigantic.

Actually, her forehead itself looks like it’s already implanted, and that’s no surprise. But, the fact is, it was always like that since she was a kid. Was it ever reduced? Some people believe it was, but no proof to defend this statement.

So, no, her forehead was always like that, and that’s completely fine and perfectly natural.

What About Her Hair?

One look is more than enough to see that Rihanna was suffering from hair loss

Some time ago everyone were only talking about Rihanna’s hair. They are enormously alluring now, but was it always like that? There were cases when people would guess: why does her hairline recede so badly? Could she be losing her hair or even go bald? But, compared to the second picture, she’s completely fine (and the recent pics show the same). Her hair somehow grew back, and nothing attracted attention anymore. Well, she could possibly have a hairline job – perhaps even transplanting hair to renovate the cells and urge hair to grow again healthily. Could it be true?

Did Rihanna Change Her Eye Color?

How can THESE be real?

The one certain thing that always makes you remember Rihanna’s face is her look. The contrast of a dark-skinned person with light eyes is so rare (though possible), that it brought up a lot of rumours and suspicions. These yes, with hazel green, sometimes even look like as if they were light blue! Yes, it really sounds promising – to pay money for changing your eye color, but pop-singer was lucky enough to be born with that. She did wear contact lens for specific colors, but, all in all, her eyes are perfectly real, however hard you don’t believe it.

Rihanna’s Beauty Growth

Let’s have a look at changes that happened to Rihanna’s body during her life. The pictures will recover the hidden story about her having implants (or any other kinds of body changes) or not and underline something that we could miss out.

Early Days of stress-and-storm

A rare sight of Rihanna being just another girl from Barbados – you know, this tiny island in the Carribeans. If you compare this to her recent photos, you won’t find any differences between what her face was back then and what it is now. See, the contour is the same, still gigantic forehead and the same cute chin…so, no face changes for Rihanna and no winning points for the haters.

Year 2005: first appearance

Rihanna was only seventeen when she released her debut album, “Music of the Sun”, so it’s no surprise that back then she looked like a kid without a finished puberty. Look, her nose seems a little bit bigger due to child fat, but with a promise to go one day. Anyway, when it was finally gone, people wouldn’t believe it that easily, so nose job rumors started circling.

Year 2007: a rise to fame

In 2007, people finally started to talk about Rihanna as about new big thing in pop, and her image is going in the right direction. A bop-duet with Jay-Z, “Umbrella”, stayed on top of charts all over the world. Her legs were also named “god-like” by Venus. Here is she, showing them off at Gillette event in New York. No doubt why she got this title, hah? And, wow, this is not thanks to plastics or implants. The nature of her own limbs charmed and scared Rihanna so much that she applied for 1$ million insurance in case something not very nice happens to them.

Year 2009: Chris Brown

Here, at the 2009 Grammy’s, Rihanna does her hair up, which underlines the shape of her face – and her lips. Just look at them: they are pretty and they seem perfect for this music industry. Not something you would call too much (and we’ve got lots of examples of those) or something scarce. It’s ideal, especially next to the shape of her chin.

Sadly, the news leaked out that Chris Brown, her boyfriend, had raised his hand on her. This resulted in a few bruises on her face, but it remains unknown whether she needed some professional medical help to get rid of those.

Year 2011: hair experiments

In 2011, the singer started to understand what it feels like to be a huge star, and started experimenting with her looks. Here’s a pic of her at 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Her hair is ginger, not very long, which looks quite matching with her flat breast… no sign of implants, nope.

Year 2012: Diamonds

The famous “Diamonds” playing from every radio receiver was realized this year, staying at the top of charts in more than 20 countries. But still, shining bright like a diamond doesn’t mean Rihanna’s boobs were implanted: as much as even her dress shows, you can’t find any sign of surgery invasion.

Year 2013: it’s all about her tattoos

In 2013, Rihanna got back to her natural image – no more blonde, no more ginger, just short black hair that look perfect with her skin. In this photo, she’s present at American Music Awards in LA, showing her new mates to the world – this covers her new drawings on her body: (especially the one on her breast, showing the Egyptian goddess – the one that everyone are talking about) and her side. And her body, indeed, is quite impressive and appealing – not too much fat and no much thoughts on being too slim… well done, Ri-Ri. You need no plastic jobs to look hot.

Year 2014: obvious nose changes

If Rihanna paid for changing her nose, we suppose it must have took place from 2013 to 2014 (we’re not sure when exactly). The tip of her nose is a little sharper, and the bridge is narrowed. But what distracts your attention is her eyes, haunting as hell, and a tattoo above her eyebrow, which proves that Barbados superstar got a little obsessed with permanent body art.

What’s for Rihanna’s boobs… well, the size of her bra does look bigger, but is it breast implants or simple push-up effect? We’ll let you decide.

Year 2015: perfect skin

Here’s Grammy Awards 2015, where Rihanna looks like a sweet pinky princess that needs no makeup to bee seen – see, she’s perfect with leaving her skin as it is. Whereas there’s surely makeup, it looks like there’s none. What is that she used, we’d like to know? Isn’t her skin bright and attractive?.. She’s near her thirties, after all, and the time for “BOTOX!” screaming are not far away!

Year 2016: gaining kilos

Here’s the shot of Rihanna’s performance at MTV VMA’s in 2016. Her boots are showing of her thighs that become… well, let’s say massive. But her style makes an impression of being created specifically for not underlining the fat, but beauty, which looks quite good and believable. So, no, no bottom jobs – at least at this stage of her life.

Year 2017: MORE kilos


Would you say Rihanna got on a few kilos? LOL. Both her waist and her breasts widened by approximately 2 sized! Here, look at the photos from “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” French premiere and her cleavage – would anyone say these are real? We doubt it. Also, both her butt and her boobs got bigger, so… perhaps she just ate too much of something? Well, who knows, it’s a hard question.

Year 2018: how much else???

Rihanna plastic

Here’s Rihanna’s latest photo: it’s obvious that she’s got one more size on her body (it’s the performance at Grammy’s 2018), which explains why everyone are talking about possible pregnancy. These kinds of metamorphosis with someone’s body are never a pleasant sight to see.

There’s no cheekbones on that face, there’s a layered chin, and her legs can’t be named Goddess anymore. To justify her at least a little, let’s say that inside she’s good old Rihanna – a southern princess in a sweet pink dress. And, probably, it’s good she won’t change for anyone: it’s time to show what fat-bottomed girls can do!

More Info On Rihanna (Bio):


Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and she uses her second name for stage. She was born on the 20th Of February in 1988 (she’s Pisces) in a little town of Barbados, Saint Michael Parish. As a kid, she had raven hair and mesmerizing hazel and green eyes.


Before gaining on kilos, she was only 57 kg, but we aren’t ready to tell now. Her bra size is around 32B, she wears dresses of 4 and shoes of 9 by American measurements.


Right now, her main occupation is music (she’s writing her own songs and producing them), but Rihanna also appeared on TV screens a couple of times. Per year, she earns around 230$ Million.


She has no children and no official relationship status, but the rumour has it that’s she’s seeing Hassan Jameel.


What is Her Take On Surgery Invasions?

In 2014, Ok Magazine wrote about Rihanna’s desire to lift her breasts a little, but this was unconfirmed. We can’t give you the article itself now, but, if that’s so, you could say that our heroine was not quite content with the way she looked like. Two years later, her beauty doctor admitted that everyone she’s working for (including the Barbados star, a couple of American politicians, Diane von Furstenberg and even Oprah) choose Resculpting Facial over unhealthy plastic procedures. She considers it to be very speedy and helpful and notes that her star clients come round every week.

In 2017, Rihanna herself told The Cut that she never knows what’s to wear, as it all depends on her body, which rapidly changes all the time. According to her, it all depends on what part of your body is somehow underlined this week, and, judging from that, you have to decide how to better dress up. Well, a year later her body got super massive and moody, so it’s intriguing – to know where does she go from now on. Will she want to lose all that kilos, or will call for a simple solution of liposuction?

Final Conclusion

The only thing we are 100% sure about, looking at Rihanna’s growth from the start right until 2018, is that she definitely got massive. It all fall down like dominos: first – kilos, then – bra size increase, then – her legs… thinking of that, it’s hard to surely talk about plastic surgery. See – a woman changes, her breasts change, it’s not a discovery.

And, what’s for her face… well, let’s conclude a little invasion on her nose, but nothing more than that. What’s for her forehead, eyelids and lips, we’ll live them as they are, as they seem real. When she smiles, the whole world completely smiles back, so no talks of dental jobs, please. Well, perhaps she did try to stop her hair from falling off, but who knows.

But nothing else we could say about another parts of her body. Just got massive. Just went big.

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