The Secret of Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery is REVEALED!

American star Kim Kardashian was always the subject of discussion of all media. Everyone wanted to know how many plastic surgeries she did to get such body and face.

When Kim gave birth to the first child from Kanye West, her body and face changed. She did not tell the truth and called the birth of a child as the reason for such changes. Many have already seen changed nose shape, but Kim urged everyone that this is only a special make-up.

When Kardashian was photographed for the covers of popular magazines, many plastic experts saw the work of their colleagues. The dress of the star emphasized her figure and blew up the Internet with the sexuality and attractiveness of her forms. Now Kim has three children, but still does not admit to plastic surgery. She calls her figure special and a matter of hard work in the gym, but breast implants can be seen without even being a specialist in medicine.

Kardashian has her own TV show, where she denied information about plastic surgery, not once. She called it rumors and gossip of envious persons and journalists who do not even have the facts.

Kardashian’s face appears on TV every day, so her fans saw the changes that have occurred over the past few years. This transformation is difficult to achieve without the help of a plastic surgeon. When Kim added a few photos to her social networks, the attentive people noticed the presence of the botox in her lips. After that, other changes appeared.

Before & After Photos – what could Kim say now?

Did Kim K lie down on the operating table? How many operations did she do to get such body and face?

Let’s look for evidence of this and carefully look at her face and body. We found the before and after photo of such transformation – you will see the changes. Comparing a few photos, we can count how many times Kim went to a plastic surgeon.

Does Kim Kardashian Really Have Butt Implants?

Kardashian’s butt can have an own television show because this part of the body is very prominent. Forms of Kim are her pride, but did nature or plastic surgeon work here?

There were many rumors that Kim used implants to increase her butt. But this beautiful star denied these gossip and showed an X-ray in her TV show. Almost eight years ago Kardashian stated that she had no implants and showed an X-ray photograph. But her butt has clearly become larger, it becomes bigger every year.

In 2016, Kim could no longer fight back and made a statement about her butt. This model and star said that she used special injections that were needed for treating psoriasis. This was not her desire to enlarge her butt; it was injection of cortisone for medical purposes. Apparently, Kim hoped that society would believe in this story: the butt became bigger, as a side effect of the treatment of psoriasis.

Experienced specialists in the plastic surgery area said that the injections exactly were. But not injections for the treatment of psoriasis increased her buttocks. Most likely, it was injection for fat transfer, which is used to increase the shape of the back part of the body. In addition, Kim could do lipo so that her body had more rounded forms.

Has Kim K Done A Boob Job?

Boobs of Kim Kardashian look very impressive – this part of her body can not have such size and form without a plastic surgeon. There were rumors that the increase of her boobs saved Kim’s marriage with Kanye.

Surgeons could improve the shape of the chest; make it for a 34E cup. But the media reported that a few years ago, Kim wore another bra size, it was 32E.

Her friends said that Kim consulted a surgeon. She began talking about breast implants and apparently carried out this plan. Her boobs can not be the result of a hard training in the gym.

Did She Have A Nose Job?

Kim K was on the cover of one famous magazine and the shape of her nose surprised the society. Kim did not talk about plastic surgery and called it – the magic of contour make-up.

In 2009, Kardashian said that her ideal nose shape is the effect of makeup. She is not against surgical intervention, but such perfect shape of Kim’s nose is not the work of a surgeon.

But experts have analyzed her photos before and after. They decided that rhinoplasty was and there are many evidences for this. The nasal septum has a more even shape, and the tip of the nose has also changed. Can the most modern make-up do such effect?

Did Kim Lip Injections?

If we look at Kim’s photos and compare them to the more recent ones, then we can see that the lips of the TV star have become larger. Her lips became plump, did it also make-up or a fantastic lipstick?

Kardashian said that she did not make injections for her lips, she found another explanation. According to her, this is the “pregnancy lips”, that is, the hormonal splash. Can pregnancy replace botox, this is an incredible scientific discovery!

Kim continues to find an excuse … even for plump lips. She calls this a good lighting arrangement and a simple light effect.

What About Botox & Facelift?

In 2010, Kim admitted that she had done botox injections. Only then she said that it was the single help from cosmetology service. Did botox really was the only one?

In 2013, an American star shocked everyone with her photo with red spots on her face. She found an explanation again, this time, the impact of facelift and side effect, because Kim was pregnant and could not take painkillers.

The media star looks different every time. You can also notice that she did face plastic surgery to highlight the identified parts (cheekbones, cheeks and forehead). Of course, Kim will continue to deny this and talk about hormones and her natural features of the body.

Did Kim Get Lipo For Weight Loss After Baby Born?

Many were interested in information how Kim could lose weight after the child birth? She replied that it was a difficult job with a personal trainer, exercises and hard diet. But many said that Kardashian did not torment her body with debilitating exercises and did not sweat in the gym, she did liposuction.

After pregnancy, Kim’s body did not look attractive, so she took 100 thousand dollars and made a little correction. Most likely, this money removed stretch marks from her legs, removed fat and made the stomach more elastic and tightened. Kim Kardashian said that her training and diet lasted six months, but she disappeared for several months and returned with an ideal figure. Experienced professionals helped her to make the body beautiful, but they were not fitness coaches and nutritionists.

Kim’s Beauty Transformation

Kim had real natural beauty; she could become popular and known without plastic surgery. We want to look at the photos of the star and see the changes that have been received by her body and face from an early age.

Childhood Days

Young Kim was a nice girl with a pretty face, long hair, big eyes and plump lips. This cute baby looked charming.

Teenager Years

When teenager Kardashian lived in Los Angeles, she had long dark hair and a broad nose. In the early years, the girl was very beautiful for her Armenian roots. How could the nose change its shape? How a nice young girl with a beautiful natural face could give herself to plastic surgeons.

Year 2003

When Kardashian worked as personal assistant of Paris Hilton, the size of her boobs was not very big. Many had noticed not only this – the shape of the jaw was also different. Even the nose of the star has changed, now it is thinner and smoother.

Year 2007

After the release of the mini-series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Kim fell into the spotlight of the public. Maybe this moment of glory led the beginning star to a plastic surgeon, as almost all Hollywood stars do.

Kim went on the red carpet as another person. No one can recognize that sweet girl with a pretty face. Her breast has become larger, the lips have become plumper, even the nose became smoother. Was it really the action of a fantastic or even magical make-up and the effect of successful lighting?

Year 2010

This year, Kim visited a secular event in Las Vegas and the whole society paid attention to her slender waist. The waist line was perfect; it emphasized the appetizing shapes of the buttocks and attractive legs.

Year 2012

Kim’s dress, which she wore at the event in Beverly Hills, showed her huge boobs. Huge breast immediately became the reason for gossip and everyone was talking about plastic surgery. Breast implants – it was the main version. In the future, a woman is waiting for a breast sagging, but Kim has already decided how to cope with this problem.

Kardashian made an accent on the luxurious dress and gorgeous earrings, but the society already had time to consider the shape of the chin of the TV star and come to the conclusion that there are implants there. This changes the shape of the face and makes the chin more expressive and augmented.

Year 2014

This year, Kim earned 1.6 million dollars in just a few days thanks to the launch of her new mobile game. Many fans of this American star are still discussing the topic of implants, but Kim denied these rumors. She showed an X-ray that shows the absence of breast implants.

One year later, Kardashian told the public that she had used several injections, but this was necessary for medical purposes. Many still ask themselves – injections were needed for Kim’s health or it was the transfer of fat to make her buttocks more expressive and attractive.

Year 2016

Kim was in public view in New York, at the MTV Video Music Awards, that was at Madison Square Garden. Her magnificent and even ideal figure became the reason for gossip again. How did she get such body after the baby born? Is this real? Kardashian called it the result of diets and debilitating training, but who could believe in it?

Year 2017

Kim continues to amaze society with her new appearance, she changed her hair color. She looks great! Such a golden brown color perfectly complemented her image.

Let’s look again at her lips. The ideal skin color is also surprising. What is the secret for this kind of skin? Only a bronzer helped her?

Year 2018

Here Kim struck everyone with a visible facelift, could surgery help her to do it? The skin of the face became smoother, and the line of the eyebrows and forehead is ideal. Mom of three children showed everyone an exclusive dress, which was very frank. Who did not see the size of her boobs?

What is waiting for us in the next year? We think that Kim could surprise us with her magnificent body and face, which becomes more perfect with the years. We hope that the desire to look great will not lead Kim to new achievements in plastic surgery.

More Information About Kim Kardashian’s life (Bio):

Kimberly Noel Kardashian (the full name of the star) was born in1980, on October 21st. Her birthplace is an American city of Los Angeles, in the California.

The Kim’s Zodiac sign is Libra, and by nationality she is an American. Kim has many roots from other ethnic groups: Armenian, Irish, Danish, English and Scottish.

She is not just a businesswoman, a media personality and a TV star, but also a stylist and a popular model.

Her material state now has about $ 175 million.

Kim is the wife of Kanye West and a mother of three children Saint West, North West and Chicago West.

Kim is not very tall, her height is 159 cm, and the figure’s parameters are 34-26-39 inches.

Her natural hair color is dark brown, and natural eye color is light brown.

Bra Size: 34E.

Cloth Size: 8 (US).

Shoe Size: 7 (US).


Everyone knows that Kim K takes great care of her appearance, so the news about plastic surgery can not be overwhelming. This media star and model can have a personal plastic surgeon who is looking after the changes in her figure and face and makes the necessary correction.

We can take many different photos from different periods of Kim’s life and it will not be difficult to find there significant changes. We can also make a rating of her favorite procedures for different parts of the body and face (for example, for the lips, tits and buttocks). This can be surgery, injections, the addition of fat, botox or liposuction.

People can assume about changes in Kim’s appearance, but age can not make this woman beautiful forever. How could Kim get the perfect body after the birth of three children? Can makeup change the shape of the nose? Can diets and exercises make a miracle in a short period of time? In all these issues there are contradictions. We can understand her desire to be always beautiful.

Kim can be a beauty without plastic surgery and various injections. Many people may envy her natural beauty, but there is no harm in that she wants to make her body more attractive and can ask for help from different specialists. Do we have the right to condemn her? She wants to look attractive not only for TV and magazine covers, but also for her husband.

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