Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before & After

One of the hottest singers of America, whose name is Selena Gomez, has become recently the real heroine of the headings, including gossips on her performing plastic surgery at a certain period of the career. Looking through photos of 2017,  the question arrives of possible making or, on the contrary, breaking year of 26-year-old celebrity. They say that Selena not only heard, but tried almost everything  of beauty improving – from Botox to boob implants.Now the issue is about the genuine base of these reflections, and it is time to make our own ones.

Selena Gomez was born and brought up in the USA, in the family of a Hispanic heritage – mom with Italian roots and dad – with the Mexican ones; the family was not rich.Selena often observed her mother making preparations for some performances and that caused her interest to the new world of cultural entertainment. Some years later the future singer tried to win the contest for the show of children, called “Barney and Friends”. This was a real start of career rapid development.

Before and After Photos: chronological review!

Most common question on Selena’s appearance  – possible usage of plastic surgery. Surely it is hard to say, but visual studying will try to reveal some secrets of the life during “full career breathing”. So, let us consider before and after photo, and not the only one.

Year 2002

This year marked the appearance of Selena Gomez on television with her new soft friends. She looks very sweet and adorable. To have a closer look, the girl demonstrates double eyelids and jaw bones very wide already since that time.

Year 2007

This period happened to be advanced for the career of Selena Gomez. The teenager of 15years old was granted the part of Hannah Montana which took place in the series of Disney Channel. The future celebrity’s shapes and face were in good harmony, though there was an opinion of some extra fat on the latter. But it is just age peculiarity.

Year 2009

Selena Gomez began her initial singing career. The role in the “Wizards of Waverly Place” was accompanied by the recording the sound track for the film. At that moment Selena was noticed by cheeks, rather prominent, and particular jawline the impression of a “volume of the face” took place. Fortunately, there was no presence of double chin to create the shortening effect to the neck.

Year 2010

The girl was very successful in getting four prizes of Teen Choice Awards. Selena arrived in a dress of silver coloring and with eyes of smoky effect. She was likely to have burnt her weight which immediately deprived of a pointy chin. This bore first speculations on possible implants for the chin. Probably for 17-year-old actress was not actual and logical.

Year 2011

It is the year when Selena Gomez appeared at Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The young lady looked incredible: rose lips, nice curls adding to her attractive smile. It happened just some months before Selena’s birthday. The legal age was arriving for possibility of performing plastic surgery in  America.

Looking carefully at the picture of the time, the volume of the breasts was not very prominent. But considering potential modifications of the size in a couple of months, the current state will be changed. We can judge it by watching the next photos.

And very soon a kind of shock arrived. Selena prepared the correlating shot for advertising perfume at the end of the year. The new bobs are to be seen. Almost no doubts about plastic surgery, and different media started the shouts of breast implants in different countries. And the girl became of age just some months before.

Coming back to the pictures, some further analysis is rather curious. The line on the breast is almost perfect with a sexy spot of a mole. It can be also an effect from push up bra, but if not – a specialist should receive real compliments on his job!

Frankly speaking, in case of making silicone stuff, much comparison  is wanted to Nicki Minai and her implants: both of them have a real appetite view!

Let’s proceed with the pictures belonging to the same album. There is another curious detail on the face of Gomez. We are almost certain in increased lip volume as the signs of a correlating injections are clearly seen, and there is some reason for it.

The difference between the lip size on the picture before and after is rather visible. There is an impression about the singer having explored her body and face by personal manipulations. One can feel a kind of testing fillers in order to have  lips more prominent and full.

Some may admit the possibility of lipstick play, and it can be also possible…

Year 2012

Selena came to the Annual Awards for Kids which took place for 25th time. It was a great occasion for her: prize for being the favorite actress and a singer. This year is also noticeable for releasing her first solo album called “Come and Get It”.

By this time, no signs of a nose job were seen. Its form didn’t change during all the years. The cheeks also remained the  same – wide and chubby, fortunately for the celebrity not to create effect of too big nose.

Year 2013

MTV Movie Awards remembers Selena Gomez with a really luxurious braid in fishtail style accompanied by smoky eyes and rose lips with “nude” effect. The aura of Mexico influences the image of the girl very positively in an aesthetic way.

Year 2014

The picture of this year remembers Gomez’s dress, sparkling and noted by showing off perky cleavage. If to ask again the question about the plastic surgery on breasts, the answer will be more evident.

Another feature attracts  – the shape of eyebrows. There is a visual impression including curly look of the latter. Now remembering about straight eyebrows previously, an idea of possible forgetting of trimming comes…

Year 2015

Our heroine has an amazing look in the AMA of the Microsoft Theatre. She produced a deep impression having arrived in a very nice dress with open back to underline her body curves. If the butt modifications really happened, – we can just speculate…

Year 2016

The picture at 24 of pastime in the night club of Vegas also attracts attention. Selena is in silver dress, elegant and sexy, seems to have lost some kilos and enjoy an extremely nice shape. Just wondering if it is a final of a proper food, intensive activities or some procedures…

A question of her special jawline also seems to have another reflection – if some decreasing of cheeks or jaws took place. The answer is not evident, maybe their disappearance is due to the age of losing all babe useless fat. Really no firm answer.

Year 2017

Maybe there are some people who dream of seeing our celebrity looking like a doll. There is a kind of present for them – appearance of lips created with fillers of injections. Also, a strong impression of nose job happened in order to make the nose bottom narrower. Carefully done nose tip close to the nostrils can hardly be performed like a sort of make-up.

More information about Selena Gomez: some personal data

Our celebrity’s real name is Selena Marie Gomez. At 26, she already tried many professions – from model to business-lady, getting every year $50 million. Born in Texas and being American, Selena belongs to Hispanic and Mexican mixed origin. There is in the air that she goes on mates with Justin Bieber. Her shape now are perfect and being brunette with dark brown eyes Selena Gomez is really one of the most attractive American celebrities.

What Do Cosmetic Surgeons Think About Selena’s Face & Body?  Specialists’ opinion

By the way, our heroine neither admitted, nor denied the fact of existing of plastic surgery results, which continues to cause many gossips on the issue. Meanwhile, some plastic surgeons express their opinion on possible actions of nice Selena, for instance, Dr. Jonathon Shifren. According to his words, Selena most probably undertook breast augmentation. He noticed its fuller volume and correlating outline of the upper part. The boobs have a tendency to be high after the procedure which probably occurred rather recently. This contradicts with the images of 2011, but this is an expert!

Conclusion: opinions are personal!

Based on what we saw using pictures before and after the fame, it can be admitted that some modifications, especially in 2011 during fragrance session, really happened. Several shots will persistently speak about breast implants, but on the other hand the chest could rise because of achieving a certain phase of age.

Besides, there arrived some other details of changing. Special attention is paid to cheeks, nose and mouth. Surely, techniques of professional make-up and quick weight losing also plat their roles, but who knows exactly to what extent.

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