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    Yes-yes, every person in this world is formed and shaped in a unique way by mother nature, but every person also deserves the right to look the way they want. Can we blame them? Yes, there are lucky people who are naturally beautiful and whose looks steal all the attention, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy with it. And, the truth is, sometimes they consider their appearance so ugly, that they regret the urge to live with it until the day they die… do they have to bare it? Why, if there are plastic surgery and various cosmetic operations that can change your life for the better for good? The Age of Technology doesn’t only mean we have laptops, Internet and Wi-Fi – we also have medical stuff that can change our lives completely and leave us happy with it.
plastic surgery celebrities
    We suppose that everyone on the Internet have the right to know the truth about cosmetical operations on both female and male bodies. We want you to know: if you want to somehow transform yourself, there is always a variety of choices for you.
We are following lots of public people and monitoring their changes through different life stages. All of them are different and have individual experiences in their lives, apart from one and only “surgery suspicion”. It doesn’t only cover celebrities, but ordinary people as well, which means you can become one of them.
    Hollywood proclaims the romance of plastic surgery: following a famous man or a woman with some concerns about their face, we can always notice how their appearance can change in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it’s nothing more than gossips, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look at them through years, make decisions and… well, have some fun!
Seeing someone’s success is always a pleasure! Isn’t it? Seeing a person being happy after they suffered some sort of internal insecurities due to their appearance is surely an eye candy. It doesn’t matter which body part was changed – whether it’s a nose, eyes, face contour or boobs – we are happy to share the happiness of the others.
    We don’t offer you negative stories hence. Nobody wants to be like those whose operations went bad because of a poor medical choice or became a clear obsession (officially named as Body Dysmorphic Disorder). We also don’t suppose it’s in our right to criticize someone or shame them.