Was Yoona subjected to surgical interventions?

Maybe you have an idea of such a Korean singer as Yoona. In GG she reached at once in 2007. As we know, this team has amazing women, so Yoona SNSD immediately caught up with the issues related to plastic surgery.

She became really popular with the audience after she started performing with this band. But there is nothing to be surprised, because she has not only a stunning voice, but also a nice face, she is well built.

We found a video for you where Yoona is in “You are My Destiny”. If you certainly don’t remember, it’s worth a look…

However, the SNSD Yoona did not stop there, then she starred in ‘Love Rain – 2012’, ‘Prime Minister and I – 2013’, ‘the K2 – 2016’ and etc.

She began to pop up more and more on the screens, and then many people noticed various changes associated with her appearance.

Questions about rhinoplasty, artificial breasts do not give the rest for Yoona Girls Generations. And someone even thought that all these changes are made to be one of the members of SNSD.

Perhaps you are already interested in this, if so, let’s look for the truth together!

Before & After The Singer’s Photos

Let’s figure out what Yoona looked like before she got into this business. Well, let’s start searching for evidence of Im Yoona plastic surgery and cosmetic interventions!

Celebrity’s childhood

“I dreamed of singing in a famous team when I was very young!”- said the singer. And now, the famous SM Entertainment conducts casting, where she just couldn’t miss it. But it seems that at this photo is not SNSD plastic surgery – you say. However, maybe you’re right, because everybody had changes in appearance after some time span. So let’s not jump to conclusions and move on.


She is already a teenager

Still, you need to believe in yourself and not be afraid to take serious steps in your life… such upshot we made, because Yoona managed to pass this casting. Now she was practised pro in vocal and mummery. Let’s take a peek at this image, here we see the singer in makeover, maybe that’s why her eyes seem more major than we have seen before and it’s not Yoona plastic surgery. As for the rest of her face, there’s probably no need to explain that nothing has changed.

After training: 2007

And now it seems that it is the moment when an artiste’s dream come true: Yoona will in the awesome group SNSD firstly. But let’s take a look at the picture, somebody tells us that she could have done chin reduction surgery, isn’t it?

So, we need to figure this out, take another look.…

Did you look at her chin? And his tip one? It’s absolutely very strange, maybe it is SNSD plastic surgery… But since we do not notice other changes, it’s probably done the only one operation before she was in the famous team.

What do you think?

The Accolade

This period is remarkable in her life, because as you can see, in this image she received the Best Actress and Popularity Award in the 2008 KBS Drama Awards Ceremony. Check, how many sincere excitement are inside her? It clearly was important such recognition for her…

Let’s take a look at Im Yoona body and height, because as we know, most Asian women are low enough…that can not be said about our heroine. She definitely would be worth a look in the model business, after all, glance, how well the trendy clothes sit on her!

The growing popularity: 2009

“Gee” – because of this hit of their group, they got enough hype! Here she seems very thin her figure is good. You can probably mark for yourself that this young celebrity does not gotta any body fat removal or adeps increase.

The sweety

And this she went to the SBS Variety Show for Family Outing Season 2. This white dress wears immaculate and pristine, don’t you think? Cute dimples on her cheeks, however check her forehead, several people think that she had surgery there. Do you agree with them?

The skinny: 2011

In this photo you can see Yoona in a discreet dress on SBS song festival. Do you remember how skinny she was? Her thinness played in her favor, you observe her elegant neck, even the clavicles are visible, it’s incredible, isn’t it?

Cheeks: 2012

And this fact should surprise you! Many girls dream of having pronounced cheekbones, remove their plump cheeks… But stare on it! Here the star’s cheeks seem a rather more, notice?

Next, for comparison, cheek the picture of the previous period.

Consider, her cheekbones were not as plump as now, because, as we talked above, Yoona body is very thin… and here Yoona probably had an operation to increase the cheeks, and maybe some injections, Botox. You decide!

Admiration: 2013

After that fact, you must have been surprised by the surgeon’s work. Bravo! After all, her face seems very harmonious and with a special delicacy, definitely, it is good for her!

Photo shoot: 2014

This period can not be called remarkable for the celebrity, and to discuss her surgical procedures, too. However, we could not pass by this wonderful photo. Stare at her gorgeous back!

By the way, it is worth noting that we still have not seen any signs of rhinoplasty, definitely not worth it to catch her in this, because she has a gorgeous nose from nature!

So let’s not stop there!

Of course, boobs: 2016

Everyone is interested to recognize about Yoona breast surgery. Even many doctors doubt the naturalness of it, saying that her tits are unnaturally pressed against her other one. However, should everyone be trusted? What do you think?

Still beautiful: 2017

There is she and her Taiwanese fans, and she is already twenty-seven y.o.. You can’t tell it, glancing at her, isn’t it? Look at her white and straight teeth. And lips? They are amazing, and she never had had any injections in her lips, as we got it.

Keep more data about her

An actual name of this unbelievable artiste is Im Yoona. She was born on May 30, 1990 in the wonderful point called Seoul, South Korea. And, as you know, her origin is Korean. At the moment she work as a singer, she is a model, also her specialization is an actress and some more. So, her net worth is eleven million dollars. Now the gorgeous woman is dating. And at present she is single and has no children.

More detailed information, maybe?

So, go!

The height of pretty woman is 169 cm, you know? Her wt is 48 kilo. Unfortunately, her parameters is unknown as well as her clothing number and her size of boots. But the bra size is 34B. Her natural eye color is dark brown and her real colour of curls is a ferrous.

So, hope, we told a lot about Yoona at the moment!


So we checked whole lot pictures of Yoona, traced her whole life. We, of course, do not deny the signs of surgical interventions, but it is difficult to expose for ourselves until the singer tells us about it by herself.

We saw some changes associated with her jawbone, cheeks, boobs… But it does not sound enough to say exactly about these manipulations… and if we were not mistaken, you can just admire the work done by the doctor, because Yoona Girls Generation is so natural!

What do you think?

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